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How can raisins be used?

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There are various ways to use raisins, but if you're creative, you'll use them the right way. My favorite way to use raisins is to put them between my toes. That area of the body often gets dry, so the juice of the raisins moistens it emensly. Now, my raisin colleauge (and my very best friend) has some different views. She enjoys making a raisin shishcabob, then diping it in bbq sauce (apperently it has an exotic-home-style flavor!). Enjoy!
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What are raisins?

Answer . Raisins are the dried fruit dirivative of certain types of grape, as opposed to currants which come from types of grapes different from those used to make raisins;

What can gin-soaked raisins be used for?

Gin-soaked raisins are said to be good for arthritis. Purchase abox of golden raisins. Pour gin over the raisins until they reachthe top. Let them soak for 10-14 days until th

What is raisin?

A raisin is a dried grape.
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Can you use plain flour in a self raisin flour recipe?

It is best to use self-raising flour if the recipe asks for it, as it is not the same as plain flour, but you can substitute plain flour for self-raising flour provided you ad