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How can space satellite help the people on earth?

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Without the space shuttle and space exploration in general, PC's, Microchips, PDA'S and all sorts of electronic, Hospital, Meterology and astrology equipment and/or techniques may not exist now
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Why doesn't a satellite fall from space back to earth?

Satellites actually are falling back to Earth, but because they are travelling so fast around the the globe - they keep on missing. It's this balance of speed that also stops

How do weather satellites help people study hurricanes?

Tropical cyclones, the generic term for hurricanes, typically form over large bodies of water where there are very little to no surface observations. Satellites help fill in g

What does a satellite do in space?

A satellite can do many things. There are weather, communication, navigation, and scientific satellites. Mostly the names will help you. The weather satellites give info about

How can people help the earth on Earth Day?

  People can help the earth on earth day by going outside, and picking up all the litter that is on the ground, or by conserving energy by turning off all the things that

How much does it cost to send a satellite in to space from earth to space?

The cost varies depending on the size of the satellite, which determines which launch vehicle (rocket) can be used, the orbit the satellite is to put into (polar, low Earth or

How do satellites help us explore space?

Satellites help us explore space by giving us information by orbiting in space. Without satellites we wouldn't get simple things like the weather forcast, television, or we wo

How can satellites help us study earth?

they can take highly accurate pictures and give us information that we might not be able to get while on earth

How does exploring space benefit people on earth?

quite reasonable, but there are some things that can not be properly justified before suitable time. we know that our governments are spending trillions of dollars on space ex

How do satellites get into space?

They are placed on top of a rocket, which accelerates them until they "escape" the atmosphere and enter space. Satellites are spacecraft that orbit the Earth or a planet, whil

Do people into outer space with the satellites?

most of the time, a space shuttle is sent unmanned to space with the satellite on the top of the shuttle. Then they send the sattelite further into space for good precision on