How can space satellite help the people on earth?

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Without the space shuttle and space exploration in general, PC's, Microchips, PDA'S and all sorts of electronic, Hospital, Meterology and astrology equipment and/or techniques may not exist now
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How is the space satellite helping life on Earth?

Answer . \nit's not a satellite, it's a space station. they're doing tons of research up there. go to for details.\n. \nso much of what we use today is spin-offs

How do Satellites help with space exploration?

Answer:Satellites help us by letting us see live telecast in television,wheather forecast(giving us information about the wheather) and letting us call people who live around

How do satellites help us explore space?

Satellites help us explore space by giving us information by orbiting in space. Without satellites we wouldn't get simple things like the weather forcast, television, or we wo

How much does it cost to send a satellite in to space from earth to space?

The cost varies depending on the size of the satellite, which determines which launch vehicle (rocket) can be used, the orbit the satellite is to put into (polar, low Earth or

Why are satellites sent to space from earth?

satellites are sent to space from earth because it catches pictures of galaxies ,earth planets & solar system. And to telephone people in the world. It is very inteligent.