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How can the nearest ATM be located using a smart phone?

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You can find the nearest ATM location by downloading an App to your smart phone. It will provide you with the location of the nearest ATM machine.
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Where can one find the nearest ATM for Bank of America?

You can find a full list of Bank of America ATM's online at the Bank of America website. You can find a full list of all Bank of America's as well using their bank locator ser

How is ATM useful for us?

Many ATM's allow the user to make deposits as well as withdrawals.  This means you no longer need to waste (often considerable) time in  a bank's queue waiting to speak to a

What are the uses of ATM?

  1. Withdrawing cash 2. Depositing cash 3. Depositing cheques 4. Checking account balance 5. Account mini statement 6. Mobile recharge/top up etc It takes money

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How ATM is useful?

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How do you use ATM?

You put your card in as directed. you then key in your pin number. the ATM will then ask you how much cash you want, Key in the amount required. It will also ask you the natur

Where is the ATM PIN located on a debit card?

The PIN is not held on the card ! It is stored (in encrypted form) on the computer system of the bank where the customer has the account !

Usefulness of ATM?

An ATM is a very useful machine that can be used to dispense cash and accept deposits without the presence of a Human Teller. Also these machines can be used 24 hours a day an
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Where can one find ATM locator?

There are some websites where one can find an ATM locator. Some of those websites include Visa, and on that website one can go to the ATM Locator section. Another website is M