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How can weathering reshape land features?

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Wind and water can both, over time, erode and wear away rock, creating canyons, gorges, and other noticeable land features.
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What forces cause the weathering of land?

Weathering are the various mechanical and chemical processes that  cause the breakdown of rocks, soil and minerals. The forces that  cause weathering are water, the atmosphe

How is land reshaped by glaciers?

Glaciers reshape the earth by sitting there and slowly turning to water, and as that water flows down it erodes the land that it is on therefore (reshaping) the earth.

What land features are on Pluto?

  The surface is currently thought to be rock, covered in ices of nitrogen, with smaller quantities of ethane, methane and carbon monoxide ices.   The "New Horizons" sp

How does the weather change the land?

The weather, specifically erosion from weather, attempts to flatten the landscape, leveling mountains, hills, crater rims, anything above seal level.

What are land and water features?

Because land is about the thing that surrounds people. Land is like a environment. Land include grass, flowers, trees, dirt, sand, rocks, mountains, canyons and more Water fea