How can you access your clipboard on your Android cellphone?

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Type a word. Long press it and press select word. A couple of options should pop should be clipboard. Press it and u should get your clipboard history.
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How do you access and put pictures on your clipboard?

Normally if it is an image file, I will right click on it and choose "copy". I then open Windows mspaint and copy the image in it. I will also use the "print screen/PrtSc" b

What does clipboard do?

The clipboard allows you to copy information and temperately store it so it can be copied to another location. Windows have a built in clipboard. There are also more advanced

Where can you get a clipboard?

The clipboard used in windows XP is a preinstalled component. If you're trying to view your clipboard's contents, follow these instructions: 1) Right click anywhere on an o

What is android cellphones?

any smartphone that operates on the android operating system is known as an android phone. Some notable examples are the Droid by Motorola, and the Evo by HTC.

What does clipboard mean in regards to word excel access and PowerPoint?

When you cut or copy something it is stored in the computer's memory, and can be pasted from there again. It is often referred to as the clipboard. When you cut or copy somet
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Where can you get a clipboard at?

Most office supply stores or shops should have several varieties. Alternatively, depending on the country in which you live, some of the on-line shopping services may be an op

Where is your clipboard?

The clipboard resides in system memory, and is cleared when you log off, shutdown, or restart your computer. In order to view the contents of the clipboard without pasting, a
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What is clipboard what does it do?

On a computer, a clipboard is an application in which allows one to save pieces of data for a later use. For example, if a user selects texts and choose to copy it, the text w