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Easy! Embarrass him. Go and find him while he's near his mates (or even better, a girl he's trying to impress) and yell his pet name or something stupid, or say something like 'Oh, I managed to find your ballet costume for you' if it's his mates, or if it's a girl, say 'Oh, is this the girl you're always talking about?' and 'You've got a piccy of her on your bedroom wall, haven't you?'
Works every time.
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Why is your brother annoying?

Boys can somtimes become annoying when they are bored or because they love the reaction of the person they are annoying. such as TOM LEAVE ME ALONE!! Tom, will luagh at this

Why your brother is annoying?

Brothers are annoying because they want attention, and they WANT to bother you. Incorrect. If older, it is typically as revenge for how you tortured him as a child, but was u

How do you annoy your brother?

*well, what is your favorite song? sing that all the time :~] *pour paper confetti in to his umbrella and wait until a rainy day :~] *poke a hole in his drinking straw :~]

What do you do if your brother is annoying you?

Well what i do is i tell him to stop and leave me alone forever or i tell my mom or dad if u are only a kid like me but if your not then i dont know what to tell u then so try

Is your brother annoying?

yes very,very,very annoying My little brother is very very annoying he gets angry even when things are more fair for him! He bugs me he is a dummy dum dum. Ok not a totally d

Why does your brother annoy you?

your brother annoys you because they just want to get your attention cause they like you and if you ignore them then you can maybe stop them from bugging y , dont react to it!

Why your brother annoying?

They get annoying because well they want to fell as if there the bigger person if there small and if there a older brother well they want to stay leader of the pack for a whil

How do you annoy your brothers?

There are several ways. One is to repeat everything he says, even sounds like sighs. Also, my brother hates it when I touch him lightly on his shoulder or head every few secon

How do you stop annoying your brother?

You're annoying him because you're frustrated about something, and it may have nothing to do with your brother. Try to figure out what's bothering you deep down, think about h