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How to be a better athlete...Simpliy 1.stay with a team,dont make it seem as if you want to play with every team in the league..lol......2.Interviews may not seem as beeing an athlete but guess what,its one of the biggest parts..if you think that you can just think you can have stupid behavior and all star talent and stll be the model,its not going to happen...Dont make stupid careless mastakes...Play hard every game..play every game like its your last game...Be a winner and place your money on the right people..For example give your agent,trainer the right amount...
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Is drinking water good for athletics?

  Yes. Water keeps you hydrated and fuels your body. Normally every person requires at least 6-7 glasses of water daily.... for athletes maybe more

Why are athletics good?

Because when you work out you get those muscles and your abs that the hot chicks like.... :))))))))))))))))))))

How does an athlete show good leadership?

An athlete is a very respected image in our society especially, and  if you are a Christian, show others that will be watching you that  your lord and savior Jesus Christ ha

What is a good athlete?

who has great confidence in there selfs. Someone who is a good sport. who knows how to play every sport, and is good at most of them.who looks back at there mistakes and eithe

Is garlic bread good for athletes?

Garlic is good for join health and the blood stream. It's a quite a dietary supplement for athletes. A good rule of thumb tends to be: "If it stinks or doesn't taste well, it'
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What professional athlete has a good strategey?

Define strategy please. One athlete with good preperation strategy is matt ryan. He has been quoted saying that he completely locks himself away from the outside world thursda