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How can you be returned my spend money from IRS?

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File the appropriate return for the taxes you had withheld.
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How did Henry frick spend his money?

he spent it on sources that help make steel

Who get tax returns first IRS or child support?

  I assume when you say "returns" you actually mean "refunds".   If that's the case, then the IRS will keep your refund before giving any of it over to an offset progra

How do you find out if you owe IRS money?

Usually if you owe back taxes, IRS will send you a letter to notify you that you owe IRS money. However, if you are not sure, try to call IRS at 1-800-829-1040. Also you can g

Why government spend money on education?

so that children around the country (and world) have the oppurtunity to learn
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Can the IRS take child support money?

If a person owes unpaid child support, the IRS can take it from  their expected tax refund when federal taxes are filed. Wages can  also be garnished for unpaid child suppor

Can the IRS hold your tax return if you owe unemployment money?

Absolutely. If you owe any government agency they will put a lien  on your tax refund and it will be taken and applied to your debt.  After this you will receive a letter sh

What do black people spend their money on?

They spend money on pretty much the same things as others people.  They like to socialize, so you know they will have their phones.  Then there are the stereotypical things