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How can you celebrate United Nations day?

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well you can trow parties or help the community. You can also help each other and help your block by promoting peace. :)
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When national law day is celebrate IN INDIA?

The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on "November 26", 1949. Thirty years after, under the leadership of Dr. L. M. Singhvi, the Supreme Court Bar

Which day celebrated in India as National Integration Day?

  19th November. This day also marks the birthday of Indira Gandhi, the 1st woman Prime Minister of India.

Why do you celebrate national heroes day?

  As a citizen of our own country it is our part to celebrate or at least impart some of our time to commemorate our heroes to show or express our gratitude fot the many t

Why do you celebrate national Day in Singapore?

We celebrate National Day in commemoration of SIngapore's independence
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Why do we celebrate national sorry day?

Australia celebrates National Sorry Day to remember how we mistreated the Aboriginals before the bringing them home report. Learnt this in theme project.