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Understand that South Carolina is one of the hardest states to collect a small claims judgment due the the following facts:
1. If the defendant does not own property then you cannot put a lien on any property. Meaning if they do not own a home.
2. If they are listed in CHEXSYSTEMS/SCAN OR TELECHECK DATABASES which are databases for bad check writers/people who have overdrawn their bank account and have not paid the bank back it becomes more diffucult for defendant to open a new bank account if they are listed. NO BANK ACCOUNT MEANS NO CASH IN THE BANK TO OBTAIN. (BANK LEVY)
3. The State of South Cariolina DOES NOT allow WAGE GARNISHMENT, AND MOST PEOPLE KNOW THIS. (It means you cannot touch attach their wages)
4. If the person is on SSI-SSDI-WELFARE-VETERANS BENEFITS-UNEMPLOYMENT-or is homeless,rents a room, is living in gov't assisted housing its tough to get your money from them.
Contacting the clerk of court in your county where the judgment was obtained and making it a public record, even if the above applies.
All 3 credit bureaus (equifax/experina/trans union) will pick it up and add it to the debtors credit file for free which will lower their credit score
You could sell your judgment to a debt buyer who will buy you debt.
*if the person ever moves to a state that allows wage garnishment you could attach wages, or if the person buys a house in SC or in another state.
you should check with all 46 counties in SC TO VERIFY if your debtor own property.
the info is free online. you could also hire a collection agency to call the person 1-2x a day and attempt to collect.
you could hire a private investigator to locate assets
**hope this helps***
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