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Most authors welcome correspondence from their readers but are, understandably reluctant for their home address to be revealed.
Because of this it is usual to write care of their publisher.

Derek Landy's publisher is Harper Collins, and they accept mail for their authors at

Author Name
c/o Author mail, 7th Floor
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd , New York, NY 10022
(212) 207-7000 You could also contact him on Bebo, at: It is his official profile.
im no sure but sorry...
i cant answer here so if u write an email to us we'll tell for100% sure!
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Who is Derek Landy?

Derek Landy is an Irish author who writes the Skulduggery Pleasant series. He was born on 23rd of of October 1973. He has won many awards and is a very good author when it comes to fantasy!!

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Does Derek Landy write books?

Yes, here are the books he has made (I advise to read them in order): . Skullduggery Pleasent . Skullduggery Pleasent Playing with fire . Skullduggery Pleasent The faceless ones . Skullduggery Pleasent Dark Days . Skullduggery Pleasent Mortal coil . Skullduggery Pleasent Death Bringer . (MORE)

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Here's my answer: Derek Landy is definitely the best writer ever to exist in the history of the universe! His stories are wicked, dangerous and hilarious and he is my role model when ever I write. You should totally read his books which are Skulduggery Pleasant , S kulduggery Pleasant P layi (MORE)

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