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How can you convince a friend that his girlfriend is abusive?

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Your friend is going to see what they want to see; so all you can do is try to convince him the best you can. If he doesn't see what you see then you will just have to let him come around to it on his own.
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How do you convince a guy to get over his ex girlfriend?

Tell him that she probably has moved on and he should to its not the end of the world but if he says he still loves her then try talking to the ex to become his friend at leas

How can you convince your girlfriend to perform oral sex on you?

Perform oral sex on her first. Usually they will reciprocate. Perform lots of foreplay also. She can get turned on so much that she will go down on you eventually. I agree, s

How do you convince a friend to leave an abusive relationship?

That is a hard question and not the easiest thing to deal with, esspecially if your friend thinks it is their fault or that things are not that bad. Talk to them let them hear

How do you convince your girlfriend to have anal sex?

lol my bf was pretty sly... if she is a virgin tell her you kow a way you can have sex without her losing her virginity... and then all you have to do is convince her anal doe

How can you convince your friend to strip for you?

1) Skinny dipping; act fast summer is nearly over 2) Getting caught  in rain /snow; fall back if you don't get skinny dipping in time 3)  Road trip or camping will have nume

Your girlfriend is leaving the country what Can you do to convince her to stay?

  For whatever reason she is leaving and if your not able to go with her or she may not want you to its best to respect that and keep in touch. Unfortunately when someone

How do you convince your girlfriend that she is a good girlfriend?

Just enjoy her company, be friendly and faithful. Treat her with respect and as a partner in the relationship. Words won't do it.   Don't just charm her and make promises y

How can you convince your friend about the misunderstanding about love between him and his girlfriend?

Answer . You didn't go into much detail, but I take it you don't approve of the girl he is going with and don't feel he loves her. Although you may see things in this girl

How can you convince a friend that her husband is an abuser when he controls all the money and she says she has to keep the peace by not talking to friends and family because it makes him angry?

  Answer     This woman is living the life of an abuse victim every day. If that doesn't convince her on her own, nothing else will. Abuse victims have more aga