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How can you effectively explain your ADD to a non-attention deficit boyfriend so that he will understand that you are not just lazy?

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If you have ADD, you can't concentrate on the subject long enough to explain it to anyone.  
LOL, that was just too funny. Hey, how many ADD people does it take to change a light bulb?
I don't know, how many?
Let's go ride our bikes!
Anyway, the book You Mean I'm not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy? explained a lot to me (about me!)...
    • You might want to look for an alternative non drug way to be able to pay attention better, look at the higher potential you would have and no need to explain the problem as it might just disapeare.

Try the Australian Bush Flower Essences Cognis 7 drops in 16 oz of water, shake and sip while needing to concentrate and wanting to retain better, can also be used for better recall. IF on the edgy, restless side you might find Calm & Clear Essence better.

"Australian Bush Flower Healing" by Ian White

ISBN-10: 073380

Yahoo email group discussing Australian Bush Flower Essences
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