How can you find out if you are a dad?

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You know if you are a dad if your wife (or another female) had a baby because of you (this referring if you are a male).
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How do you find your dad?

Well finding you dad.. i have never been in this situation so ima give you some tips because that's the kinda guy i am hehe. FIRST PLAY SOCCER SECOND LOOK IN THE YELLOW PH

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You have to call 911 or go see them, look on a website but you might have to pay, one ohter way is to go to the police and tell them there first and last name but i dont know

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you open your eyes and walk around. Geez! how can you not know that?!?!?!?!? we do it all the time! briyanna and kitaya sucka!!! Ask your mom where he is. You can do somethi

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your dad is in vault 112. If you want to skip to the part where you meet your dad without doing any quests just go there when you come out of vault 101 and it skips all quests
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To find your dad you should have a talk with your mother. There may be reasons she doesn't want you to see your dad that you don't know about. If your mother will not help you
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Find the type of girl that you AND your dad can relate to, don't find someone that only cares for your dad's attention, but yours as well, the girl should have some experience