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How can you find out if your ex-husband has filed bankruptcy?

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Bankruptcies don't become public record until after they are discharged. Perhaps you could just ask him, or one of his family members. I see no reason why it would be a big secret. If you still have joint debts, you will be notified of the proceedings. Child support, spousal support is not dischargeable in bankruptcies , (in case you were curious).
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If your husband has to file bankruptcy do you have to file with him?

No. It is similar to your taxes, you have the option of filing jointly. However, if you have been married for awhile and have a lot of joint debt, you should file jointly. 

How do you find out a filing date for a bankruptcy case?

One can call the Bankruptcy Clerk for the Division in which a bankruptcy case is filed to get case information such as filing date. The filing date of a case is also normally

How do you find creditors' addresses for filing bankruptcy?

Answer   Check your Credit Report. It has the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each of the creditors used over the past 7 years. Call or go on-line to contact all t

When to file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy should always be the very last step. Many people take the effects of bankruptcy fairly lightly. Basically, you must be so far in debt that there is no other option.

How can I file for bankruptcy?

You should at least consult with a bankruptcy attorney. Most BK lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Don't hire one unless you feel comfortable. If you wish to file your

How do you find what year you filed bankruptcy?

The first two digits of the docket number, before the hyphen, tells you the year. If you don't have the docket number, you can go to a bankruptcy court or bankruptcy lawyer's

What is filing bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal tool individuals and companies use when they are no longer able to repay debits. In the United States their are two sorts of personal bankruptcy. 1) Cha

What does the bankruptcy lawyer do after you file for bankruptcy?

It depends on what Chapter you file under and how complicated your case is. Your lawyer will definitely go to the meeting of creditors with you, where you sit before the tru

What can you file in bankruptcy?

Typically when you file bankruptcy, you have to disclose all the  assets that you have. And so everything you own can be susceptible  to review by a bankruptcy court.  

When did you file bankruptcy?

The first step in understanding financial distress is realizing  that you are in financial trouble and need help. Contact a  bankruptcy attorney in your area for a free init

How do you find out if someone has filed for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy court records are public records, unless the court has impounded some or all the information for some good reason. There are banking publications, like Banker & Tra