How can you find out why a relative was awarded a medal?

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This would be listed in their discharge papers. If you don't have that you can PROBABLY get a copy by going to the National Archives and Records Administration website and requesting it. I say probably because many records were lost in a fire in 1973 but they can usually find copies of discharge papers from other sources. However, in the case of the Bronze Star, it may not be listed on the discharge papers. In 1947 Congress authorized all WWII recipients of the combat infantry badge and combat medic badge to receive the Bronze Star. Many vets weren't even aware they were entitled to the Bronze Star. Other than the Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross, there are no centralized registries of Military decorations. Or you could just ask them Some nations DO have central registries of military medals and awards, going back, in some cases, 175 years. In the British and Commonwealth nations, the awarding of honours and medals is recorded in the Offcial newspaper of Parliament, where all new laws and regulations are also published.

In Great Britain that publication is the London Gazette, in which every military award is listed after it has been presented to the recipient.

In France, the lists are kept by the Marshall of the Lists, in the main armoury in Paris.

In Canada the lists are kept by Veteran's Affairs Canada, and are available on-line thru their website. EVERY man who served Canada in World War One ( 1914 to 1918 ) has his records available to the public thru the Canadian Archives website, all 665,000 of them. The information above is incorrect. A DD-214 (Discharge Certificate) should list all awards and decorations a servicemember received, but would NOT say what it was awarded for. A certificate awarded with the medal would have a "narrative" listing what the medal was awarded for. A copy of the Certificate would be in the Official Personnel Record.
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Can you get copies of World War 2 medals awarded to your late relative?

Medals of a Relative . You need to fill out a form furnished bt the National Archives in St.Louis. It usually takes about 6 months. Here is the website: Here is more input: Contact the American War Library at 16907 Brighton Avenue, Gardena CA 90247 (310) 532-0 (MORE)

Who awards Purple Heart medals?

Normally purple hearts are awarded by the most senior officer inattendance at the time the award is being presented. Soldiers dohave the option to request a specific officer present the award tothem but this would depend on many variables, least of which is theavailability of that officer. In certai (MORE)

Why is the Purple Heart medal awarded?

\n. \n Purple Heart \n. \nThe Purple Heart is an American military award, given to those who are wounded in action. Even a small cut from a sliver of wood can be enough to get this award. It is the lowest level U.S. award for injury in a "combat zone".\n. \nHere are the official specs for the (MORE)

How often is the Newbery Medal awarded?

The John Newbery Medal is awarded annually by the Associationfor Library Service to Children , a division of the American Library Association , to the author of the mostdistinguished contribution to American literature for children.

Who was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 1948?

Answer There were no awards of the Medal of Freedom in 1948. For more information, see the attached link. Actually, this is not exactly right. My grandfather, John R. Schultz, was awarded the Medal of Freedom on June 2, 1948 at Fort McKinley for "services rendered to American Prisoners of War duri (MORE)

How do you locate Army medals that were awarded to you?

If you mean where to buy them, then you can do so at a Military Surplus store, or more likely on a Military (preferably Army) Base, in the Clothing and Sales store. They have pretty much any award you might be trying to find. . If you are trying to find out what medals you are entitled to, the fir (MORE)

What is the Newbery Medal award?

The John Newbery Medal is a literary award given by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association (ALA). The award is given to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children. The award has been given since 192 (MORE)

What is he Medal of Honor award?

The Medal of Honor is the highest military award given by the United States Government. It is awarded to members of the U.S. Armed Forces who distinguish themselves "conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his (or her) life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an acti (MORE)

Why is the U.S. Medal of Honor awarded?

The Medal of Honor is bestowed to military personal who distinguish themselves against the enemy at high risk to their own lives while in combat. They go beyond the call of duty in their actions. Quite often it is bestowed upon them posthumously. This is the highest medal to be awarded.

Who awards the Newbery Medal?

The Association for Library Service to Children, a division ofAmerican Library Association awards the medal. A committee of about15 people review the eligibile books each year and make theirrecommendation.

What is the Newbery Medal awarded for?

The Newbery award is given out each year to the author of the best American children's book of the year. . (The John Newbery Medal is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children , a division of the American Library Association , to the author of the most distinguished co (MORE)

What is the Medal of Honor awarded for?

The US Medal of Honor is awarded in the name of the Congress (hence why it is sometimes called "Congressional Medal of Honor) to a person who, while a member of the US armed forces, distinguished himself or herself conspicuously by gallantry at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty whil (MORE)

Why is the Medal of Honor awarded?

The Medal of Honor (MOH) is awarded for "conspicous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty, in action involving actual combat with an opposing armed force".

How are you awarded with the Medal of Honor?

Because Medal of Honor recipients are few in number, the selectivity of the medal, and the fact that it is awarded by the President of the US, in the name of the Congress, the President, as Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, makes the award. If unforeseen circumstances make the President inc (MORE)

Which actors were awarded the Medal of Honor?

Audie Murphy was a Medal of Honor recipient and one of the most highly decorated soldiers of World War II. He went on to make 44 movies. He played himself in the war movie "To Hell and Back," which featured the song "Dogface Soldier." That's the official song of the 3d Infantry Division--Audie Murph (MORE)

Who was the wahine medal awarded to?

The Royal Humane Society Gold Medal, Wahine Disaster (Wahine Medal) was presented to the New Zealand Police Force (Wellington Police Department) for their life-saving efforts during the tragedy that struck the inter-island ferry, Wahine, when it ran aground during a storm on April 10th, 1968.

Who is the medal of honor awarded by?

The Medal of Honor is awarded by the President of the USA (Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces) in the name of the Congress. This is why it is sometimes referred to as "the Congressional Medal of Honor" in error,

What medal was Hitler awarded?

Adolph Hitler won three medals in World War I Iron Cross (2nd Class) in 1914 Wound Medal in 1916 Iron Cross (1st class) in 1918

How can someone find out what medals were awarded to their father in World War 2?

Obtain a copy of his service record from the National Archives. It will contain all of the items that he was awarded. . A faster way to get info is to look at his Official Discharge from the military. There will be listed in a section titled "Awards and Decorations" all of his awards. If you don't (MORE)

What medal was Wilfred Owen awarded?

For his courage and leadership in the Joncourt action, he was awarded the Millitary Cross, an award which he had always sought in order to justify himself as a war poet, but the award was not gazette until 15 February 1919. The citation followed on 30 July 191 (MORE)

What is your oldest awarded medal to veterans and when was it awarded?

The Purple Heart was authorized by the Confederation Congress during the American Revolution, and was awarded, I believe, seven times, and fell into disuse. The next authorized decoration was the Medal of Honor, during the Civil War. The Purple Heart was restored to use - I think in 1932 - and made (MORE)

What is the difference between a medal and a award?

Medals are awards. When you earn one, you're given the medal itself, a ribbon for your ribbon bar, a certificate that says what you did to earn the award and a set of orders for your military personnel file. Sometimes that certificate is pretty vague, especially if what you did was classified or (MORE)

How are medals awarded in figure skating?

I am a figure skater myself and i have been since i was three! medals are awarded Gold, Silver, and bronze. If a skater places lower than third they will be awarded with a ribbon fourth, fifth , or sixth ribbon. normally competitions only give ribbons up to Sixth place but some competitions award up (MORE)

Can you wear medals if not a relative?

No you can not. It is a federal offense to wear an award or medal that was not given directly to you. The only exception to this rule is on Remembrance Day and that only applies to the direct blood relative of the deceased member. Then they can wear the medals on the right breast pocket.

What is the Congressional Medal of Honor awarded for?

First, it is the Medal of Honor, and not the Congressional Medal of Honor which is a common misconception, Congress only authorized the creation of the Medal of Honor, it is not named after Congress; of course, Congress likes to think it is. Also, a individual receiving the Medal of Honor is calle (MORE)

How do you find out who was awarded medals such as purple hearts bronze medals etc?

There are no central listings for the minor medals including the purple heart or bronze star. You have to look at the individual soldier's service record for the award. Also, each battalion generally has a log of all of the citations that they have requested for their people. The higher awards (MORE)

Who awards the Newbery Medal to authors?

The medal is awarded by the Association for Library Service toChildren, a division of American Library Association. There is acommittee of about 15 people who review the eligibile books eachyear and make their recommendation.

Do olympic medal have cash awards?

The International Olympic Committee does not give a cash reward along with the medals. Rather, the Olympic Committee in the athlete's home country, may reward the athlete for their success. A US gold medal winner for example receives $25,000 for a gold medal. Italy offers $182,000, Ghana offers $ (MORE)

What is the Bronze Star Medal awarded for?

The Bronze Star Medal is awarded to a member of the U.S. military for heroic or meritorious achievement or service. It would be awarded to a soldier who has done something that is considered heroic such as saving a fellow soldier, or meritorious such as successfully completing objectives.