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How can you find the tare weights of a tractor trailer and its truck?

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Some companies put the tare weights on the side of their vehicles. Otherwise, could get a scale ticket, from which you'd deduct the weight of the fuel and payload. Or you'd have to contact the manufacturer's of the tractor and trailer (or a dealership may be able to provide you with this information). Typically, for a standard five axle unit, tare weight will be between 30,000 - 36,000 lbs. (approx 13,600 - 16,330 kg.).
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depends on tractorand what equipment is installed on it.such as size of sleeper number of axles,whether it has tool boxes, a hydraulic system,and size of fuel tanks   i had

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What is the weight of an empty tractor trailer?

That depends on the tractor and what equipment is installed on it such as size of sleeper, number of axles, whether it has tool boxes, a hydraulic system, and size of fuel tan