How can you get a breeding specialist without wildlife points?

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You just use pro mlg hax
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When is it breeding time for the wildlife in Antarctica?

Since no animal lives on the Antarctic continent, breeding occurswhen the sea animals -- birds and mammals -- can access thecontinent's beaches. This usually occurs in late wi

What breed is a turtle with a pointed nose?

In the panhandle of Florida it would be a Florida softshell turtle. They can be very large, up to 18 inches long. They have extremely sharp beaks, and have a very nasty temper

How can you get a mixed breed of dog without breeding?

You can get a mixed breed puppy si ply by looking in your local pet stores. A good place to look for specific things like that is on eBay. You can buy this breed if you don't

How do you get wildlife points on zoo world?

You are awarded wildlife points for levelling up and for achieving mastery in breeding. You can buy wildlife points for real money by clicking on the Wildlife Fund tab.

Bad points of selective breeding?

The main bad thing about selective breeding is that it can be very bad for the animals health. Take the pedigree dog, the King Charles Spaniel. This dog has been selectively b

What would the forests be like without wildlife?

The whole forest would fall apart, and we would have certain death. 0_o. So, don't try to kill all of the wildlife. Ever wonder why there are certain seasons that you hunt for