How can you get a license for pressure cleaning?

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Go to your county office. (court house)
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What occupational license do you need for pressure cleaning?

None. You may want to consider insurance if you're going to clean things that can break or otherwise could be damaged. I would check local (city, state or country?) laws.

Do you need a license for cleaning in Maryland?

This will depend on what sort of services you are offering and the type of business you are running. Go to You can also go to http://www.startc

Do you need a cleaning license in California?

Yes, you would need to go to your local government website and you can apply online. For more information and to quickly find the link to that site, go to http://www.businessf

How do you get your cleaning business licensed and bonded?

You would go to your state licensing department to register for your business license. Then for a bond, you can do a search online for janitorial bond or cleaning business bon

License requirements to clean in Texas?

Depends on the state that you live in, most states have licensing requirements for certain types of businesses. Check with your local government offices to see if your specifi

Where can you get a license for house cleaning in Oregon?

Simply go to the city hall where you are based and apply, the cost is usually under $75. You should also contact a local insurance agent and get a liability policy in case you

Do you need a license for cleaning in Orlando?

Yes there are several things you need to conduct this type of business. First go to the city hall where your business will be based from and apply for a business license cost

How do you get a license to clean houses?

Check with your local government to set up a business and get alicense. There are usually some non profit organizations that willadvise you about setting up your business. SCO

How much is for license for clean business?

To operate a cleaning business, you will need to obtain a business license from your city or county. The cost will depend on where your business is located - costs vary by cit