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How can you get away from an abusive relationship if you have nowhere to turn or if you are scared for your life?

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You DO have somewhere to turn. As soon as he is away from you, get to a phone and call 911. They will send the police to help you. Tell the police that you are scared for your life, and you need to get away, they WILL HELP you, I promise. Take your kids, if you have any, and get away, before he kills you. It seems hard, but I PROMISE you, you can do it, just get away, the rest will work out. You can email me any time and I will do what I can to help you realize that it is ok, and getting out of the relationship is the best thing to do.  
There are many places you can turn to: the police, shelters, offline nd online support groups ...
For a comprehensive guide of hundreds of options available to you, go here:
<A href="http://dmoz.org/Society/People/Women/Issues/Violence_and_Abuse/">http://dmoz.org/Society/People/Women/Issues/Violence_and_Abuse/  
You can get away! Part of it is physical, getting away from your abuser...and the other part is mental. Are you convinced it is now time to go? Sometimes, we fear making the descision and escaping but if you are scared for your life (and for your children if you have any) then you MUST go. There are places to hide (women's shelters, churches, police).... You'd be surprised how people will respond....Someone will help you. Please leave NOW.
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