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How can you get from Miami airport to key west?

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Take the 836 dolphin expressway west to the Florida turnpike (821) then south to last exit - south dixie highway (US1) then south all the way to Key West (about 110 miles from the airport) Have fun!
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How far is key west from Miami?

The driving distance is 158 miles per Map Quest. The driving time  per Map Quest is 3 hours and 28 minutes.

How long does it take to drive from Miami airport to key west?

  About 3.5 hours - maybe 4 depending on road construction. The hardest part is getting out of Miami to Key Largo - then it's a 2 lane highway through all the keys to Key

Is there a ferry from Miami to Key West?

No. There used to be but now the Key West Express only runs from Ft Myers or Naples. The drive from Miami is only a few hours and it is GORGEOUS. When you get there look up my

How far from Miami airport to key largo?

64 miles taking this route: Take EXIT 4 (green sign) out of the airport onto SR-836 WEST to CORAL GABLES.Take SR-836 TOLL (Dolphin Expy) WEST to Florida's TURNPIKE (toll). EXI