How can you get rid of small cavities without drilling and fillings?

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You really can't. If they are the tiniest beginnings of cavities sometimes extra good brushing and flossing will get rid of them. But if it is a cavity and not just the beginnings, then it will need to be filled.

"> There may be. Check this out I haven't tried it, but it looks interesting. Worth looking into!


I believe you can cure these cavities. If you brush your teeth twice after every meal and floss. Making sure to get the food out of the cavities before you brush using a toothpick or needle (be careful--this is only for very small cavities) and drinking lots of raw milk and or NIDO milk (powdered milk with calcium, vitamins, etc.) After brushing your teeth in the morning... rinse out your mouth with water and swish the milk and drink it often through the day. At the end of the day, brush your teeth before bed and rinse with either hydrogen peroxide (not too much) or regular mouthwash. I am currently doing this and it seems to be helping a lot.

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How do you get rid of cavities without going to a dentist?

If it is superficial - that is to say if it is still within theenamel or just on the root surface, and it has not cavitated (nohole in it yet), then you sometimes can reminera

How do you get rid of a cavity without fillings?

Without fillings or extractions your options are pretty limited. If the cavity is small (and I mean VERY small) then it could possibly be remineralized (or healed) through a r

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Drills n' such The entire appointment will usually take 30-60 minutes. Answer If the dentist numbs you, there is a 5-10 minute wait for you to be frozen. Depending on how

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When I was in my early teens I chose to drill three teeth (it was the only time I've ever had any cavities, and I had three at the same time) without anesthesia because of an

How do you get rid of a small cavity?

The best option is to have it treated soon by a licensed dentist. There are no effective home remedies for tooth decay, and it will not go away on its own. If you delay treatm

How do you get rid of cavities without going to the dentist?

Actually, yes, there is. Most dentists won't tell you this because they make about $100 on cavity repair, but using Baking Soda+Peroxide, Anticavity toothpaste actually revers

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It depends on your tolerance to pain. Even if your cavity is small, if the drill or polisher gets near the nerve, its going to send shocking pain. I had a very deep cavity tha

Is it possible to get rid of a cavity without paying a visit to a dentist?

If it is an early stage (no pit/hole yet), then you just might be able to make a difference if you start practicing really good hygiene (brushing 3 times a day or after every

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Type your answer here... well theres no point in wich you have to get it done. its all based on your or the dentists decision . If you know your next dental appointment is

Does getting 4 small cavities filled hurt?

When the cavities are filled, they will first have to drill holes which for many patients may be uncomfortable. When the actual filling does not go in, most patients do not co

Do you need to get a cavity filled if it is super small?

So early decay doesn't always mean you need a filling. In fact, thedecay often can be reversed. A tooth starts to decay because acidin your mouth causes minerals to leach out