How can you get to Russia?

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by plane - if you live in America anywhere that is not in Europe.

If you live in Europe (Includes; UK, Singapore.) You can catch the Trans-Siberian rail, it takes you to Moscow, St Petersburg and Vladivostok.

Travels from- Singapore to UK. Includes Russia, Germany, France country in between.
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When was Russia founded?

AROUND 800 AD BUT MOSCOW WAS AROUND 1147 AD Tsardom of Russia: 1547 Russian Empire: 1721 Soviet Union: December 30, 1922 Russian Federation: October 1991 Russia was not founded in 800 - medieval Rus is not Russia - Kiev or Kyiv is not Russian -

What is Russia?

The Russian Federation is the largest of the 21 republics that make up the Commonwealth of Independent States. It occupies most of eastern Europe and north Asia, stretching from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, and from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Black Sea and t (MORE)

What characteristics does Russia have?

Russia was under communist government for many decades. They aretechnically a democracy, but the government is blatantly influencedby the local mafia.

What is Russia nickname?

Not entierly sure there is one well known one but i do know that a nick name for a Russian can be a "Ruski".

What is Russias ecosystem?

Russia's ecosystem consists of the polar deserts, alpine tundra,arctic tundra, and glaciers. In addition, you have the sub-taiga,bogs, south-taiga, middle-taiga, and north-taiga.

What are traditions in Russia?

Russia celebrates traditional holidays such as Easter, Christmas,and Maslenitsa. Russian culture is full of art, literature, andclassical music. Russia hold high value to the culture of thepeople.

What did pogroms in Russia do?

Pogroms were targeted, anti-Jewish riots that began in Russiaduring the 19th century. Rampant anti-semitism began when Russiaacquired territories that had large numbers of Jews. From thebeginning, Russia restricted movement of the Jews, confining themto specific areas unless they converted to Orthod (MORE)

Is Russia at war?

Not as of May 18, 2010. Peace treatment with Japan was never signet. So officially Russia is still in war with Japan.

What are the traditions in Russia?

they like to throw eggs and raw fish at immigrants, they spit when they talk- if you don't they deport you from the country, they don't like to talk about being in both Asia and Europe- its a sensitive subjecthope i helped!

Is Russia communistic?

Not anymore. Russia used to be run by a communist party until the August 1991 coup but then Boris Yeltsin put down that coup. Afterwards, Yeltsin established a semi-presidential republic.

Where is Russia?

Russia is the northernmost country of Eurasia (Asia and easternEurope). Russia is in two continents and is the largest singlecountry in the world. The Ural Mountains are the border between Asia and Europe. Russia(formerly the USSR) is on the continent of Asia/Europe in theNorthern hemisphere and co (MORE)

Where about is Russia?

It's below the North Pole. It is in Asia, and many countries including China surrounds it.

Who was the czar of Russia of Russia?

There have been many czars in Russia so I'm afraid you'll need to be a bit more specific. Czar is what Russians call their emperor-esque rulers because it is the Russian translation of "Ceasar". Most of the czars came directly from the infamous Romanov family. However, there have been other czars of (MORE)

Why did they name Russia Russia?

Nobody knows for sure as it goes back a thousand years. The ruling theory is that the name was transferred from a term used by local tribes for the 'Swedish' 'vikings' (meaning something like the 'boat people'). According to legend a internal strife among 'Russians' were settles by accepting an outs (MORE)

Why is Russia called Russia?

added: bulgarian rus (tow-head), сzech rusy (light), slovensky rus (red), latin russus (red ) . The name has occurred from Varangians rus, called by the Novgorod Slavs in 862 year as a military team. They have put things in order and have created the first centralised government. As the state (MORE)

Are the citizens of Russia moving in or out of Russia?

Well, Russians emigrated out of Russia after the break u of The Soviet Union in 1992. Every year at least 200,000 russians left russia from 1995-2001, alongside lower life expectancy and not enough chilldren being born. In 2010 the NET MIGRATION Was: +3,800 2011: +43,400 2012: +65,000 In 2012, (MORE)

What can you do in Russia?

Interesting places to see for a tourist: - The Kremlin - Saint Basil's Cathedral (At the Red Square) - Spasskaya Tower (At the Red Square) . - The Moskva river - The Ostankino Tower - Tretyakov Galery - Pushkin Museum of fine art - Cathedral of Christ The Savior - The GUM (A big (MORE)

What was Russia before it became Russia?

Part of Kiev-Rus that later became Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. When Russians try to explain this to westerners they usually compare it to the empire of the Franks (Francia/Frankia) that subsequently became France, Germany, The low countres, Northern Italy etc.

How did Russia become Russia?

Russia was first known as "Russia" after the Golden Horde left, and Russia eventually coalesced into a single state under the czar. This was around the 14th century.

Are there dinosaurs in Russia?

Obviously, there were many dinosaurs in Russia, including Orolotitan, a large hadrosaur with a club-shaped crest. Also, many dinosaurs common to Asia are probably existent in Russia, too.

What is Bolshevik in Russia?

Bolshevik is the name of the ruling communist party - more radical and with fewer members than the pre-revolution Mensheviks.

Is Ireland in Russia?

No, Ireland is not in Russia. They are completely separate countries and a long way apart.

Are there unicorns in Russia?

Unicorns are not real! Because when Noah was making the ark there was no room for the other animals so the flood killed the unicorns. For the nonreligious, the unicorn is a mythological creature like a hydra or a leprechaun.

What does Czar have to do with Russia?

The Tsar (or Czar) has not had anything to do with Russia since 1917, when the final tsar, Nicholas II, was forced to abdicate his throne due to civil unrest in the country.  Prior to this, however, the tsar had complete control over most aspects of the Russian state; he (or she, in some cases) w (MORE)

Does Russia have forests?

As Russia spans over 11 time zones, it's climate varies dramatically. It has temperate rain-forests and forests with pine, birch, oak trees. In fact, if you Google Earth Russia, you will see just how much of it is covered in forest. The only vast places where no trees grow is in tundras where the gr (MORE)

Was Russia an aggressor?

It didn't help ease the tension between it and Germany by parking the majority of their forces along their border in Poland and mobilizing for war.. that's for sure.

What was Russia called?

Russia has had many names during its existence.  During World War II, Russia was referred to as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).  It was not, however, a member of the axis, but of the allies.

What is close to Russia?

Russia borders Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, North Korea and Mongolia. Russia also have a piece of land that borders Poland and Lithuania.

How hot does Russia get?

Russia is big, some places get really hot, some don't. The hottest it's ever been in Moscow is 36 °C (98 °F) in July and August. Any time it gets to about 30 °C (86 °F) people in Moscow would consider it "hot". People in other parts of the country to the north and south might have a c (MORE)

Who are Russia' enemies?

At this time its just the terrorist groups that attack subway stations ect. in moscow and other big citys. Russia was the 1st one to invade Afghanistan and Pakistan for that reason. Other then that it only had conflict with ukrane once because they owe russia money for gas supplys at this time i thi (MORE)

How is Russia rich?

Russia is a very large country. It is hugely rich in natural resources such as oil, coal and minerals. It has been "living" off this wealth for many years. It is Russia's natural resources that make it "rich"

Where does Russia get its water?

There are a ton of streams, rivers, lakes, etc. in Russia. It IS the largest nation on the planet. They have the most natural resources of any nation.

Is this name from Russia?

Russian names include: Ivan, Dimitry, Vitaly, Vlad, Sergi, Illiya, Natasha, Olga, Lana, Svetlana, Masha, Dasha, Dima, Sasha, Boris and Tatyana.

What military does Russia have?

Russia's military is called the USSR, which stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, more widely known as the Soviet Union. Russia's fighting force for their military is known as the Soviet Army.

What continent it Russia in?

The Russian Federation is split between two continents. Half of of the Federation lies in Eastern Europe while the other half is in Asia. Despite the confusing geography the Russian Federation is one, whole country.

Is Bulgaria in Russia?

No. Even though the languages look the same, they are not the same country. Actually, The Russians adapted the Bulgarian language and altered it a bit. Russia is mostly in Asia, but has a small portion in Europe.

Why is Russia landlocked?

Russia has no direct outlets except on the Pacific Ocean and the White and Arctic Seas. To reach the Atlantic, the ships must travel along devious routes: in the north via the Finnish Gulf, the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea; in the south through the Black Sea, the Dardanelles, and the Mediterranean. (MORE)

Is Russia in Eurasia?

Yes. Eurasia includes all countries in Europe and Asia. Russia is acountry that is partially in Europe and mostly in Asia.

What did the Russia people do in Russia?

For doing business in Russia, you must register a legal entity (that is, the company) or register as an individual entrepreneur (a natural person). Then people need to collect and submit the necessary documents to the registration authority. The deadline for registration is 5-7 working days. Pri (MORE)

Was Russia always called Russia?

The present day Russian Federation originated from Slavic Tribes and the first Slavic State had been founded in 882 under the name of Kievan Rus'. Ivan III the Great later United independent villages and cities of modern day Russia under one State and expelled the Tatars from his land. During this t (MORE)

When was Russia named Russia?

The word 'Russia' is actually English. In German 'Russia' is Russland which means 'a land of the Rus". Originally the name was 'Rus' that corresponds to the semi-legend South-Baltic tribe of Rus. We call our country "Россия" which in translitteration is 'Rossia". That name was fisr (MORE)

Is kevian Russia the same as Russia?

Well, yea. Kievan Russia is the oldest independent Russian state. Then the power moved to the north, Novgorod. Now Kiev is a capital of Ukraine, but don't get confused: Russians, Ukranians and Belorussians are all the same. Languages are slightly different.

Why was Russia named Russia?

The people living in the area of what is now Russia were referred to as 'Rus' in Medieval Latin. They then adopted this name and formed the country of Russia.

What has Russia done about poverty in Russia?

Poverty was not immense after the fall of the USSR, but it didincrease hugely, not much was done during the years after the USSR,until Vladimir Putin came to office, and he implemented more toughchanges by making the government more important in economics thanIt was in the past, poverty has fallen s (MORE)

How do you get to Russia?

There are many ways to get to Russia. Could you clarify your question. It can be by invitation, on a visa, etc.