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How can you grow taller at the age of 15?

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eat well, exercise regularly and try not to get injured in sport. don't work out too much as this will reassign your nutrient intake to increase your muscle girth rather than length. dont use gender hormones as this will f*ck up your genitals. supplements that contain HGH (human growth hormone) are an ok idea but dont go mental on it.
chances are puberty will do what it wants when it wants eg you will grow at some point even if it is when you're 18
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How can you grow taller after age 16?

whey protein, milk, yoghurt, cheese, and boiled chicken. Your bones need phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium while your muscles need water, protein and carbohydrates to grow. S

If you are a 5' 9 15-year-old - and you have not grown in the past year - have you finshed growing or will you get taller and what can you do to grow taller?

Answer   At that age, your growth plates should be open, so your long bones (eg femur and tibia in the legs) should grow when they are stimulated to do so by human growth

Can a 5' 2 15-year-old grow taller?

It is hard to say. Everyone's body is different, but there is a possibility that you will grow taller. Here is the average for both genders: Girls: 14 - 18 years old Boys: 16

How can you grow taller at the age of 13?

-eat more cheese   -keep getting enough sleep(try to aim for 8 or more)  -eat the vegetables with vitamin k (like spinach, asparagus and broccoli)  -eat lots of protein (

How can you grow taller at the age of 14?

your still to grow naturally until about age16-17. but if u want to grow 3 inches (approx) then try 3 different stretches everyday, each for about 30seconds. grab onto a bar a

Is there any way to grow taller at age 25 or after?

Weight-bearing exercise and impact loading stimulate bone growth. Generally, three 20 to 30 minute sessions a week are sufficient. If you can and want to do more, go for it! A

How do you grow taller at age of 25?

Yes, you can make your self taller by doing easy, 30 seconds at a time stretches, how it works: the spine will strengthen and more muscle will form, while the bone stretches

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Can you grow taller after the age of 20?

Answer   # Stretching Exercises: - These exercises will help you improve your posture. You'll be surprised that how much of "Height" is hidden behind your slouched back.
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Why do you grow taller?

You grow because cells in your body are being reproduced faster tthan they are dying. COMMON SENSE!!
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How can a 15 year old girl grow taller?

  Most growth in teenage girls is purely down to hormones and genetic structure. The best thing you can do for now is to eat a full, healthy balanced diet, aiming for 18

At what age do males stop growing taller?

As everyone will soon tell you, everyone is different so no specific age can be determined but there wrong.  It is at the conclusion of puberty that males stop growing. Unli