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How can you have a relationship with a narcissist without feeling abused?

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. You couldn't (improve on last answer, or have a relationship with a Narcissist without feeling abused). You cannot have a relationship with an abuser without feeling abused.
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If you tell your ex narcissistic partner you are sharing the story of the abusive relationship with everyone how will that effect them?

It probably depends on who you tell and the repercussions. Otherwise, my sense is it won't matter much. Depending on the level of skill you narcissist ex has, they've already

Is it normal to feel so defeated after ending an abusive relationship?

Absolutely. If you're anything like me, you tried and tried to make  it work. You've shown your best and worst self just trying to find  the love you once had. You wanted it

Will a narcissist ever abandon a relationship without having secured another source of supply?

There is no way of knowing. You're asking as though they're all alike. Just like the rest of the population, narcissists are all different, and whatever they're thinking deter

Why do you feel very sorry for your ex-Narcissist who verbally and emotionally abused you?

  Answer     I just ended my abusive relationship with a Narcissist. I do feel sorry for him, because he is mentally ill. Because he will never be able to love i

Why do you feel so much guilt for leaving an abusive relationship?

Because were unable to change the situation you feel like a failure, when it wasn't your fault.    Because he did a good job making you feel guilty in the relationship as

Can you have a relationship with a narcissist?

Yes, you can have a relationship with a narcissist, but will it be a fulfilling one? I was in a relationship with a narcissist and it completely drained my energy! They ar

How can a person heal from an abusive relationship when they feel they are emotionally raw?

It is not about forgiven self. Remember you are the victim. It is about forgiven others, and about focusing on changing your life to avoid these situations again by realizing

Why do you feel paranoid after a relationship with a narcissist?

It is due to the fact that they only care for themselves and they might think you aren't good enough. Get over it, since you are obviously scared they might try to get revenge

When will you begin to feel 'normal' after leaving an abusive relationship?

There is no one correct answer. So long as a person remembers anything of the abusive relationship, it will always have some effect on them simply by remembering it. In a simi

How do you get over an abusive relationship that you ended yourself if you now realize you still have feelings for your abuser?

To be in an abusive relationship is a roller coaster of sorts. Up and down with emotions and days which go from laughing to complete terror as you are emotionally and physical

Can you sue a narcissist for telling you lies and abusing you throughout your relationship?

    Answer       I thought I answered this before but I don't think it posted.     You can't sue a narcissist unless the lies caused you to lose mo

How does one deal with the anger they feel after an abusive relationship ends?

Victims of abuse suffer from many conflicting negative emotions: helplessnes, rage, self-chastisement, guilt, and so on.       There are such a wave of emotions that

How to get out of a narcissistic relationship?

First of all, go to your therapist and stop all types of contact with your abusive partner. You have to learn to defend yourself and if you need any police assistance then don