How can you increase the volume on your samsung u900 soul?

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Press: *#0002*28346# Press "back" twice to get to the main menu Press: 1 (RCV-Config) Press: 2 (Call Config) Press 3: RCV Codec Gain Press 4: cod_rx Type value 12 and press OK. Maximum volume is now set to 12 dB for during phonecalls. Press the hang-up key. High volume is now set. You'll need to decrease the volume during your next phonecall !! You can also find the volume settings for other things like for the MP3 player etc in the menu. Use at your own risk! If you switch off the phone and turn it on again, settings may be replaced again by the defaults.
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When volume increases does mass increase?

This is not entirely true. The mass will only increase with volume if you are adding more to to increase the volume. However, you can increase the volume without increasing mass. An example of this would be heating something. As you heat things the molecules want to move about more, as this happens (MORE)

When temperature increases volume increases?

When temperature increases, the volume increases.. Firstly, we have to know that volume is refering to the space that matter occupies. When temperature increases, the molecules move vigorously because it receives energy from the heat. There will be more collisions among the molecules that causes th (MORE)

How do you increase volume on Samsung SGH-E740?

push the volume button on left hand side of phone dial : *#8999*8378 (8378 will be shown as 4 dashes) then press #. A menu will open : go to H/W Test, then go to Audio settings and go to no 13 IIS Normal 2. Then go to RX vol. and go to level 14 and enter 3000 and save then go to menu and listen to (MORE)

Volume of oil increasing?

Time to start checking for internal leaks, ie Headgasket. This could also be fuel getting past the rings, or a host of other things.

When volume increases does density increase or decrease?

Assuming mass does not also increase, then density decreases if volume increases. For example, let's say Mass= 100 and Volume= 50 Density would = 2 Now, lets increase the volume. Mass would still = 100, and let's increase the volume to 75. Density would then equal 1.333... 2 is greater than 1.333... (MORE)

If you increase volume what happens to pressure?

KEY Bold=Pressure Italicized= volume If you increase the volume , the pressure decreases . If you decrease the volume , the pressure increases . If you increase the pressure, the volume decreases . If you decrease the pressure , the volume increases. This is only valid (MORE)

How do you make a Samsung soul louder?

Its simple all you have to do is were the speaker is take the cover off and there will be a black thing (tape) over the speaker well just rip that off then put the cover back on on there you go ! . Its simple all you have to do is were the speaker is take the cover off and there will be a black t (MORE)

What is Secret code to increase ringing volume samsung g600?

Increasing Loudness in Earpiece as well as Headset # Goto Test Mode by presing *#0206*8378# # Goto H/W test > Audio Setting > Goto Normal > Rx PGA > Change value maximum upto 254 # Goto H/W test > Audio Setting > Goto Normal > Rx Vol > Change value of each level by 5-20 # Goto H/W test > Audio Sett (MORE)

As volume increases does the mass increase or decrease?

Neither. Volume is independent of mass. Effectively, if you increase the volume of a substance you are moving the particles that comprise that substance apart. Eventually, you would have a gas which expands to fill the volume of its container.

How do you delete recent text recipients for the samsung u900?

this is currently the only way i know of (restoring the factory settings - the correct way) but be warned, this removes EVERYTHING from your phone so be sure to back up first! ie save EVERYTHING you want to keep to computer / or memory card and remove and ensure all contacts are copied to the sim ca (MORE)

If you increase the volume will it increase the mass?

Well, let's see . . . I'm pretty sure there's more mass in Lake Michigan than there is in a glass of water. But: If you keep the amount of "stuff" (the 0.3 liters of water in the glass) the same and increase the volume by turning it into gas (just let it evaporate) then the volume is greate (MORE)

Does volume of a liquid increase as temperature increases?

Yes, usually. An important exception is water, between 0 and 4 degrees (that is, just above its freezing point).\n Yes, usually. An important exception is water, between 0 and 4 degrees (that is, just above its freezing point).\n Yes, usually. An important exception is water, between 0 and 4 degre (MORE)

As pressure increase what does volume do?

since PV=nRT and we assume that the number of moles and temperature remains constant, we can assume that PV=R as R the gas constant will not change, if pressure is increased, then volume must decrease to counteract the change in pressure

How can you increase the volume made by a flute?

To soften the volume of the flute's sound, one must simply use less air. Changing the embouchure will only change the flute's pitch. To increase the volume, use more air. Open your throat and make sure you know the difference between more air and faster air. Faster air and a tighter embouchure will (MORE)

How do you increase happiness on soul silver?

Walk around with your Pokemon and level it up. Talk to it often. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ use healing items as potions, which raises 1 happiness (beware that if you use a healing herb, it's happiness will decrease 5-10 points) (if you us (MORE)

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How do you increase volume on a lg tv?

ok so your going to want to use the lg tv remote control. after locating the remote control, find the button labeled VOL. (The VOL button is on the left side of the CH button -- the button used to change channels) To increase volume, press the top portion of the VOL button. BOOM!

Why does the volume of a gas increase when it is heated?

When you heat a gas you provide it thermal energy which raises its internal energy (the sum of all microscopic kinetic and potential energy of all the molecules) the molecules move with a higher value of kinetic energy which implies each molecule moves with a higher velocity than before..As the mole (MORE)

How does pressure increase volume?

Volume increases proportionally as pressure decreases, as long as temperature and the number of moles of gas remain the same. So, doubling the pressure halves the volume, or vice versa.

What codes do you use to increase the volume on your Samsung SGH-M620?

و بالتوفيق إن شاء الله written by Samrat P at Mar 9, 2008 Samsung Secret Codes Software version: *#9999# IMEI number: *#06# Serial number: *#0001# Battery status- Memory capacity : *#9998*246# Debug screen: *#9998*324# - *#8999*32 (MORE)

Why does an increase in temperature increase the volume of a balloon?

This requires one simple equation and then a further understanding of it. PV=nRT where P is pressure, V is volume, T is temperature, n is the number of molecule, R is some constant. From this we can easily see that an increase in temperature does in fact cause an increase in volume. To see why l (MORE)

Why does the volume increase when the temperature of a gas increases?

Temperature is vibration and movement at the molecular/atomic level. The more movement, the more space is needed to move. One proof: In the case of vortexes, this throws the faster-moving warm gas to the outside through the conservation of angular momentum (moving objects like to keep going in th (MORE)

Why does density decrease when volume increases?

Because density is the relationship between weight and volume. If you're just increasing volume, making the stuff fluffier, then for each unit of volume the weight will be less. Let's say you have a cup of cream. If you turn it into whipped cream it'll still weigh the same, but now it won't fit in t (MORE)

Why volume of water increasing when freezing?

Most substances expand as they become hotter, and become smaller when cooler. Now water is a special case, and a very important one. As water becomes colder it loses volume and becomes more dense and tends to sink, but something special happens between 4 degrees C and Freezing Point. The water expan (MORE)

How do you increase volume on samsung galaxy?

On the left side there should be 2 buttons, click the top one to increase the volume. Another way would be to listen to a song/watch a video and at the top right there is a volume icon, tap that and increase it.

How do you increase volume on iPad?

The rocker switch on the top right increases the volume. If the volume bar on the screen is at the top, that's as loud as it's going to get. Note that YouTube videos recorded or edited with a really low volume may not be able to be clearly heard. This is not the fault of the iPad.

What type of music is U900 known for?

U900 are a famous Japanese ukulele band who have uploaded many videos to Youtube which have since gone viral. They feature animated bunny rabbits in the videos.

Where can one purchase a Samsung u900?

These phones are available for purchase on the internet (a wide array of sorts), and in stores across the United States and most likely other countries.

How much is the Samsung soul going to be?

It is hard to find an exact price for this phone in the United States. From all the information gathered it looks like the price of the phone is around $400 if you purchase it outright.