How can you locate a cellphone?

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You can track a cell phone with GPS.hese devices evolved in compliance with new FCC requirements after the events of 9/11. GPS-enabled phones have been a norm in cellular technology since 2005.

Step 1.
Start with a GPS-enabled phone. These specifically have GPS capabilities and run the Java program that is needed for tracking. Though most cell phones are equipped with the GPS chip, they aren't easily accessible by the consumer. Nextel/Sprint phones such as Boost Mobile are especially designed for GPS tracking by the consumer.

Step 2
Register on a site that offers the free program you need to activate and run on the phone platform. Check out Mologogo's home page for easy access to these free programs. Go to the main page, and click "Sign up now." Type a user name, first and last name and your email address and create your password in the provided cells. On the next page, click the agreement box and choose a download that corresponds to the kind of phone you're using, such as a candy bar phone or clam shell phone.

Step 3
Save the download to your computer and next download the provided installation software. Connect your computer and phone with the cable, which starts the uploading process of the appropriate software to the phone.

Step 4
Navigate to the phone's "Menu" section to install uploaded. Choose "Mologogo" and click "OK." It then displays the memory finding satellites that correspond to the phone. Choose "Preferences" and enter your login name and password. A map appears showing the coordinates of the phone and length of time in that location.

Step 5
Access this information online miles away from the phone. By using the Mologogo homepage, you can view the phone location and time of last 100 points of destination via Google maps. Test this system by giving the phone to someone, logging on and viewing their destinations.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid the hassle of downloading and programming your phone. The Mologogo website offers a starter kit, which includes a tracking application pre-loaded cell phone.
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What are Cellphones?

A mobile phone or mobile (also called cellphone and handphone) is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications (mobile telephone, text messaging or data transmission) over a cellular network of specialized base stations known as cell sites. Mobile phones differ from cordless telephones, w (MORE)

What is a cellphone?

Answer . a pocket- sized wireless phone that uses radio waves to communicate with other phones and hamddi the wild beast. Ok then i LOVE cellphones now yep i ddoo all thanks to u Thank You very much

How does a cellphone work?

It is very complicated and hard to explain. However, I'm pretty sure there is a place called GOOGLE where you may be able to find something.

What is cellphone?

cellphone is some tiny phone that u carry around and u can call people on it and u can text.

History of cellphones?

The history of cellphones started with the cellular phone weighing about 2.5 pounds. The talk time was 35 minutes and it took 10 hours to charge so you could talk again.

Advantages of cellphones?

You can take it everywhere you go and on some newer phones you can play music and some can even take beautiful pictures.

What do Satellites have to do with cellphones?

with calls themselves, nothing. however all current cell phones have a GPS receiver that picks up and decodes the signals from GPS satellites so their position can be accurately determined for emergency 911 calls.

Disadvantages of cellphones?

It can kill us by distracting us. For example, calling or texting when driving can lead to a serious damage, or even death. Also, if you are a student in school, you get distracted to it and might not study as much as you are supposed to. And, they are easy to lose (unless you are organized).

How do you get a cellphone?

Simply buy one. Other ways are to convince someone else to buy one for you (such as your business or parents), receive one as a gift, win one as a prize, get one as a bonus offer, or steal one (not recommended).

Why were cellphones made?

it is to help us communicate with the long distance people and it makes communication faster and easier!

Why are cellphones dangerous?

and it can give you cancer my best freind almost died because of the cellphone but the good thing is he does not have cancer i tolled my girl freind to stop using it to much she did not rilly belive me but still

What is cellphone rudeness?

Leaving your phone on ring tone in restaurants ot theaters. Speaking loudly. Using bad language in public. Not turning your phone off completely in hospitals or other places where cell phone use is prohibited and there is a sign saying so.

Cellphones in aeroplane?

It has always been a rule to either not carry mobile phones on aeroplanes or if you do, to have them switched off. This is because sometimes they can interfer with the radio transmissions. Sometimes you can hear it through speakers if your phone is nearby, but the truth is, it rarely has a major eff (MORE)

Uses of cellphones?

Today's cellphones have many features. Cellphones have thecapability to receive calls away from home. Some cell phones offertexting as well as complete internet access.

When should you get a cellphone?

You should get a cellphone when you think your child is mature enough and responsible enough for one. If you give your child a cellphone when their not ready they might do things with it like show it off at school or they might drop it multiple times and it will most likely be an accident when they (MORE)

What is a safe cellphone?

I think you are talking about the Spectralink phones that are wireless mobile/cellular phones which are used in hospitals. There have been studies done that state that mobile/cell phones do not interfere with hospital equipment. "In a study published in the March issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedi (MORE)

How do you get MXit on your cellphone?

well firstly you have to have GPRS on your phone,CHECK THAT all your settings are on.then go to the address then click on ''download mxit" then press accept

What is the history of the cellphone?

Dr. Martin Cooper invented the cell phone. It was invented for a variety of reasons, including: 1. To make a call in the case of a medical emergency 2. To get in contact with a family member in a much faster time period Cellphones now enable people to make plans, such as dates or business (MORE)

Why is cellphone called cellphone?

Because the functioning call area is divided into hexagonal "cells"with a Transceiving tower at the common corner of three adjacent"cells". The towers are placed close enough that all adjacent"cells" partially overlap. When the signal starts to fade in one"cell" and rise in another, the two towers p (MORE)

What is cellphone sex?

It is called sexting, when you share intimate pics and info with someone through text messages.

Who discovered cellphones?

I did but I'm not telling you who I am. I get asked this question alot: How did you make it? Simple I used alot of Micro Chips, Attached alot of pieces and made the best cellphone uses to man kind. I'm not telling you anymore. Reseach it on the computer. Sooner or later you will know who I am. Ask y (MORE)

What is the cellphone recorder?

to record you, or any weird noises you hear, maybe you can get a good fart recorded, then send in into funniest home recordings. haha

What does 67 do to your cellphone?

67 makes you an unknown caller. Even if the person has you on his/her contact list, it will conceal you number so nobody knows who you are. This is perfect if you don't want somebody to track you or for a prank! ;P

Why is it wrong to have a cellphone?

Because if you talk to much you get a bill, or when you use it you can get in a car accident, or during class it goes off in the most annoying ringtone and annoys the teacher.

How can you fnd a cellphone location?

If you're looking to find out where a cell phone number originated, try this website: Keep in mind, that's only where the number is based out of. If you're trying to check the exact location of a phone in real time, it has to have some sort of subscription, su (MORE)

How is the cellphone useful?

a mobile is useful for sooo many different resons. for pusposes like to catch up with someone. for sites like itunes accounts. ENTER YOUR MOBILE NUMBER. for emergencys like if your out someone and you hurt yourself badly you can just ring your parents or whatever for help. instead of knocking (MORE)

What will unlocking a cellphone do?

In most of the Verizon phones, unlocking the phone will let you get to another section of it. Like if they phone was closed, it would probably locked on the outside, but if you unlock it, you can get to the outside section. === Many cell phones operate on the same frequencies and technologies, (MORE)

What can cellphone be used for?

as we say cellphone is very important for everybody.we can used of gsm,cdma sim in cellphone and depend on your mobile model

How do you get cancer by your cellphone?

You get cancer by talking on your cellphone when your phone is charging because when your phone is charging it gives off radiation and when you talk you put the phone to your head and you get a tumor in your brain.

What is Cellphone with camera?

Most cell phones have a camera on them, unless they are a dinosaur. I have the htc inspire and it is a high quality camera.

How do you choose a cellphone?

Choose what best fits you. For me i like to text, so i try to find a phone with a keyboard. I also like to have internet on my phone. so i try to find one that has a good sized screen. personally i think touch screen phones are the best to have for using the internet. Like for an example. The Droid (MORE)

How do you transfer data from cellphone to cellphone?

Well that's a great answer,actually you can't unless if u have a device that has a sim cip in the the device you wanna transfer data..for example lets say u had a device that had a sim cip card and that phone broke so u buy one lets off of crawliest and its kind of the same device u broke @so u take (MORE)

Is an iPad a cellphone?

No, it's not... There is no app built in to phone with. You can install software (apps) to call via IP (voip) like Skype. But to make phone calls with these apps, you always need an Internet connection. Raf

Did dinosaurs have cellphones?

yes they did but only in the later area around the jurassic. peopledont think they had any because they have no evidence. but i do. wefound a cell phone hidden under a jurassic skeleton at a dig. itwas ancient.

What is the famous cellphone?

The most famous cellphone is Samsung GALAXY S5, with an Android OS,16-megapixel camera, GPS, 21-hour talk time, and a 16-day standbytime.

What benefits of the cellphone?

Convenience ! Modern mobile phones are pocket-sized,, have a longbattery life and have many useful functions. Additionally, if youneed to call someone while you're away from a building or streetphone - a mobile phone is much more convenient. You are alsoreachable by anyone needing to call you.