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You must buy wholesale products DIRECTLY from the wholesale supplier. Anyone who gets in between you and the actual wholesale supplier for any reason is costing you money. These are called "Middlemen", even if they claim not to be. Middlemen want you to think they are Wholesalers. They are NOT. They charge unsuspecting retailers monthly fees and even increase the true wholesale price. All of this means you pay too much for wholesale products, and your competition will always beat you.
"REAL Wholesalers never charge monthly fees, and will always give you TRUE wholesale pricing. Successful Product Sourcing means working directly with the real source." What kind of wholesale products are you looking for? There are many wholesalers selling different kinds of products. To search for a particular product from a wholesale supplier I would suggest you do a search at the B2B websites and free business directories. You can also find some wholesalers at In order to find what you are looking for you need to answer a few questions.

Do you have a state reseller Tax I.D. # ?
If not depending on which state you live in it is possible to file for an Excise Tax I.D. you can usually find those numbers in the phone book or you may check with your local chamber or congress they can get you started at least. Arkansas ID's I believe cost me less than $60.00, but you must file taxes or like myself I found out they will send an agent out to knock on your door at 8 a.m. if you forget to file taxes!!

Try to Google or search for national markets. Example is one in Dallas at The World Trade Center in Dallas. Their is also one in Atlanta, Kansas City, KS. In the Merchandise Mart out by Overland Park, KS. anyway these are markets where wholesalers and Sales Reps meet with people in their sales territory to sale them anything they can. (My parents still work at the Dallas Market, which just ended this week of 09/16/2007) But as you guessed it you must have a state excise or resellers I.D. to attend or to order products. No Exceptions (.)

You might also try to google or search drop-shippers. Which is great. They usually sale at wholesale or a lil above and you have the suggested retail Price but basically you can decide what to sell those products sell for, then you simply order from you and have them ship to your customer and you of coarse get all the extra dollars over what you payed or wholesale cost. Cool huh? No waiting in Line at Post office ever or other shippers.

Well I hoped I have shed some light on how to find a wholesaler and remember wholesalers are people doing a job for the wealthy bosses so be nice, smile and buy alot, Sales reps usually only make a small Percent of your total order I hope you have a credit history or cash works best, but they will do a credit check before doing business with you and verify you have a excise Tax Number from your state and are in good standing. You will need a business license and a number, then look online for wholesalers that deal in your products. Wholesale Product Sourcing There are many sources on the Web for finding Wholesale products, but most of them are Scams. To find a legitimate Wholesale supplier of goods, you ultimately need an eBay Certified, Better Business Bureau backed product sourcing agent! Selling products on the Internet is not easy if you do not have the proper sourcing tools. Having the right information and products to sustain a proper business plan is all part of forming your solution. Another good way to find legitimate wholesale merchandise for your store or flea market business is to review trade magazines for the industry. A well established magazine called Retailers Forum Magazine has been published monthly since 1981 and features ads from real wholesale merchandise suppliers as well as articles and information on running a business. They offer a free digital copy to everyone interested. The company also has a variety of books and directories to help new and established business owners as well. There is also a magazine for online wholesale buyers at and
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