How can you lower the temperature of a large outdoor pool?

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I have seen many pools with spray nozzles that spray return water as a mist over the surface of the pool. If the circulation pump is turned on at night when the outside air temp drops, the misted water releases some of its heat into the atmosphere, and it falls into the pool at a cooler temp.

The best way to cool your water in the summer is to buy fountains that plug into the outlets that carry water from the pump. Besides being famous for cooling the water, they are pretty.
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What temperature should an outdoor pool be heated to for comfortable swimming in cold weather or freezing temperatures?

I think you should just adjust to the temperature of the water. I am a nationally ranked swimmer and I like the pool at 68-73 degrees. At a temperature of 82, you should only

Do outdoor pools have thermostats that are controlled by air temperature?

%DETAILS%. Answer . No. It would be very uncommon for a thermostat to determine whether to turn the pool heater on based on the outdoor AIR temperature. All pool thermost

What is the potential energy savings for each degree you lower an indoor pools water temperature?

"Every 1 degree reduction can cut your energy usage by between 5 and 10 percent. Once you have lowered the thermostat, keep the remaining heat from escaping by using a pool

What is an unsafe temperature to swim in an outdoor swimming pool?

Under 50 degrees is dangerous since at those temperatures, your core body temperature can drop too low too quickly. This is called cold shock, which can cause a heart attack o