How can you make YouTube videos autoplay?

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Videos on YouTube can be configured to play automatically. To make them play automatically insert in the embed code right after the video ID the following â??&autoplay=1â??.
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How do you make a YouTube video?

Firstly, u should install a record program, i recommend PChand Screen Capture, it could record anything on the screen and any audio you hear. even the left and right mouse clicks and mouse highlights can be recorded to be displayed in your recordings. see the link below: http://www.screen-captur (MORE)

How do you make youtube videos?

you go to and sign in then when you signed in click the upload butten then it will say stuff like tittle description and tags. thanks

How do you make a video on YouTube?

Okay! So to make a video on youtube, you complete the following steps: 1. You log into your account (If you don't have one register) Link to Register: 2. Then go to this page: and click on the 'Uploa (MORE)

How do you make videos on youtube?

just for look for it on What do you mean? you just click upload and a thing will come up where you put your title and stuff and in a yellow bar it says upload you click that and then you pick the video what if u dont have a video?

How do you autoplay a video for MySpace?

Answer: September, 29, 2009 (so people know this isn't outdated), tested and this works (took me forever to find), from : here is an example of the code myspace gives you for a video Submit the code you were given to your page - once you do that, mysp (MORE)

How do you make a good video on youtube?

First, have a story and know what the video's about. For example, If you're vblogging, talk about something that's interesting, not global warming. Maybe talk about celebrities and more. If you're making a video, comedy, make it funny! if is romance, make it lovely! but how do you make it that way?? (MORE)

How do you make a video to put on YouTube?

\n. \n. \nWell, first you have to have a camera. Then you go to youtube and log in. After your logged in go to upload and there will be two options. (1) Upload a video File. Witch means if you have Photo Booth or something on your Labtop or Computer go to that. After you have done that make a (MORE)

How do you make YouTube videos invisible?

Do not go to their site. Edit: You can actually make it so only people you invite by email can see it, go to video options or edit video and it should say make this video: public private unlisted. unlisted makes it so you have to have the link, you cant search it.

How do you make a video in YouTube?

You make an account, record a video and there should be a button that transports the video to your YouTube account you should see it then in "my videos"

How do you make a good YouTube video?

You should probably look at all the most famous YouTube videos, see what they have in common, and add that element to a video you make. I don't think everybody will look for the same thing in a video.

How do you make a YouTube video mix?

i think you mean not a long video mix, like for example 90's best hits, but just multiple videos in a playlist, if so than you just add selected videos to watch later, then go to watch later list, then select those videos with tick and click add to, from there you can make a new playlist, select nam (MORE)

How can you make a YouTube video?

Upload Video . 1. Go to and sign in to your account. If you do not have a YouTube account, create one at the YouTube sign-in page.. 2. Go to your YouTube channel and click the "Upload" button. Click "Upload Video" and choose a video file to upload.. 3. Wait for your video to uplo (MORE)

How can I make YouTube videos repeat?

Find the YouTube video you want to repeat. In the address bar, add "#start=0:00;end=2:33;autoreplay=true;showoptions=false" at the end of the address. (change where is says '2:33' to the finishing time of your video.) This is one the easiest way to put YouTube videos on repeat. When you are finis (MORE)

How can i make a video in YouTube?

a perfect way is to search me on youtube. i posted a video using WWM(windows movie maker) my username: SuperSl898 hurry go and subscribe if you can

How can i make a video on YouTube?

Well, depending on if you have a laptop that comes with Windows Movie Maker, then that's a little different. But if you have Windows Movie Maker, open it up. You can add videos, text, transitions, anything you want! When you complete your video, go to the link that says, "Save to my computer". Click (MORE)

How do you make a YouTube video with PowerPoint?

YouTube doesn't accept the PowerPoint format directly. So you can convert PowerPoint to video and upload PowerPoint to YouTube. You can use a third tool Wondershare PPT2Video. It is a professional converter for converting PowerPoint to video. A presentation with all elements such as animations et (MORE)

What is autoplay on YouTube?

autoplay is a system used by youtubers so when somebody enters your channel the most recent video you have posted will start to play

How do you make popular YouTube videos?

Be original! lol,, make sure you make a script of some kind to help you out. if you want it to go smoothly,, practice it! it might take a while, but with practice makes perfect !! Check nigahiga! He puts bloopers at the end somtimes,, that's the scenes where he practices ! He messes up a lot,, but w (MORE)

How To Make A Video On YouTube?

Try a screen record tool, I'm using a pretty one- PC Hand Screen Recorder. it could record any activities on the screen and the audio whatever you hear, even the left and right mouse clicks and mouse highlights can be recorded to be displayed in your recordings. I think it is the perfect assistant (MORE)

How to make a chess video ON YouTube?

make a video, get a youtube account, and then upload it from yoru camera onto your computer, then upload it onto your account and then put it out there for the world!!!

Do you get money for making YouTube videos?

You can get money from YouTube if you create original content. You would need to apply directly to YouTube and one of their editors will go over your channel and make sure the content is owned by you. Then you could make money off of the advertising, based on a revenue-sharing program.

What program is for making YouTube videos?

Well, there's Sony Vegas, it's higher quality than Windows Movie Maker, but Sony Vegas comes with a trial and after the trial you have to pay. But for Windows Movie Maker, the quality sucks. but it's free.

How do you make a group video on YouTube?

Well, on the newer Youtube, I know how since they changed it. First, go to somerandom group. (Ex: Now, take away some of the lettering. (Ex: Once you do this, you will see a lot of choices. At the middle-right corner, you will (MORE)

How do i make my youtube videos HD?

you have to download sony Vegas pro 9.0 that way your videos will be 1080p! go on this link and download sony Vegas pro for free! FULL :D but it will take 10 - 15 minutes

How do you make lyrics videos on youtube?

First you pick the song you want to write lyrics to. Second you open windows movie maker or Imovie and upload the song onto it. Third you can open a window on the internet of the lyrics and on your movie editing program you can open a part where you can put words on your movie, so you copy one vers (MORE)

How do you make a new video on YouTube?

To upload a video on youtube, just press upload on the top of the screen in between your username and the search bar. You can just upload a video you have on your your computer or you can go down on the right there is something that says "Create a Video" press that and you can combine videos and pho (MORE)

How do you make a video famous on YouTube?

Either be good at making entertaining videos, get featured by youtube because you're good, pay to get featured, or possible got someone who is already famous to feature it

How do you make a MMD video for YouTube?

click render to avi,then put the number of frames in the two little boxes (like: 0 ~ 2009) then take it into windows movie maker and save as a movie file and upload

How do i make a LIVE video on YouTube?

Making a live video or broadcasting a livestream on Youtube is a partner only feature. You can apply for a partnership, and if you have tens of thousands of viewers you might be accepted. Websites such as Justin TV will allow you to create livestreams, see the related link for Justin TV.

How do you make interactive YouTube video?

The most interactive you can get without forking any money over to YouTube is by adding annotation techniques to your video. Your video content should also be interactive itself, or else you can't really have an interactive video.

How can you make a YouTube video repeat?

You can make a video repeat by adding it to your playlist and selecting the "play all" option in the playlist. To create a playlist, go to the video page of the video you want to add to your playlist and select the "add to" tab and create a new playlist or add it to an existing playlist that you hav (MORE)

Why does YouTube make videos private?

Videos can be switched to "private" on YouTube because some videos are just not meant to be shared with the whole wide world. Some instances of this may be like a happy birthday song being sung at a relatives party and you only want people with the link to be able to view the video, etc.

How do you make YouTube videoes for minecraft?

Get a screen recording program, like for example FRAPS. Open Minecraft and open the above program and start recording. Once it's done, you'll find the video in what ever folder you've chosen for your videos and you'll be able to upload that video to YouTube.

Does YouTube have videos on how to make a laser?

There are several videos available on YouTube showing on how to make a laser. For example the video entitled "DIY: How to Build a Burning Red Laser" shows step-by-step instructions - including some final tests.

Who makes YouTube videos?

Anyone with access to the Internet and a video camera or web cameracan make a YouTube video. Whether you're a comedian, an educator,or a trailblazer, you'll be able to find someplace to fit in to onYouTube.

What are the stages of making a youtube video?

The stages to making a YouTube video can be simplified into a fewshort steps. First, you need to have an idea and a story. Then, youneed to film the story. Afterwards, you'd have to edit the videoand then upload it to YouTube.