How can you obtain licensed software free of charge?

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How can you obtain licensed software free of charge?
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We understand that it's tempting to try to find licensed software, serial numbers, codes, copyrighted roms, cheat codes, and software for free - hey, we love FREE too - but it's illegal, and we don't provide information that aids in illegal activity.

Still confused? Here are a few explanations as to what we do and don't allow, and what we suggest you do instead:
Licensed Software Obtaining cracks, serials, and keygens for programs without paying for them is illegal, and can get you into a lot of legal trouble. It's always best to pay for the software you want, or to search for free software that is legal. If you have legally purchased the program and have lost or forgotten your codes, you may want to contact the vendor's customer service or technical support for assistance.

WikiAnswers will not provide answers containing serial numbers, software cracks, or links to keygens. WikiAnswers will also not provide cheat codes (or something similar) if they are against the games rules, terms of service, or other applicable guidelines.
Downloading Roms It is against this site's Terms of Use for any WikiAnswers user to provide or link to sites that host roms. Most roms are copyrighted, and cannot legally be downloaded. Even if the game is old and not sold anymore, the company still owns the rights to it, and can choose to release it again in another format like the Wii Virtual Console.
Torrents There is no way to obtain the full version of any licensed software legally. You can obtain freeware legally from sites like Torrent Box, which only search for legal torrents.

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