How can you participate in 'Didi No.1' in Zee Bangla?

If you will observe carefully, you will see a number scrolls below, you have to call in that number to register.
Go on trying dialing the no. noted during serials.
Sruti Choudhury
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How can you participate in zee bangla show Didi no 1?

Hi my name is priyanka bharati.i love this game too much.i am sure i have to win this.i every day watch this game show except sunday .every day i improve my salf for that game (MORE)

How do you participate Didi no 1 season 3 in zee bangla?

DARI A ACHO TUMI AMAR GANER OPAR A- AMAR SUR GULI PAI CHARAN AMI PAINE TOMAR A; Ami ARPITA Anek din dhorei tomar daaker apekkhai, kobe pabo tomar nimantran, ajo asha niyei li (MORE)