How can you pay your mortgage off in half the time on the 30 year mortgage without refinancing?

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The quickest way is to simply send in more money each month than you must. You can always pay more than your minimum payment, and that will pay off the mortgage faster.  
Just one note about the previous answer: Be sure to designate all extra money you send to be applied toward your principle.  
It's true, if you pay more each month and have it go to principle, you can pay off your mortgage in less time. However, did you know that for the first year of your mortgage you're actually paying 500% interest to the bank? That's insane! Bi-monthly payments also don't do very well, because you still pay twice the value of your home in interest by the time the mortgage is paid off. Why would anyone do that? Sure, you pay off a 30 year mortgage in 15 to 20 years. But what do you have to show for it? Just a home that you own. Why not pay less in interest to the bank and more in principle WITHOUT changing your monthly payment? Not only that, but earn interest off your principle. That lets you pay off your home in 15 years and have a nice amount of $1 million afterwards. How is that possible? With a cash flow account.
It's true that your low 6% mortgage may actually be costing you 102% or more! That is because all mortgages are front end loaded, and most people either refinance or move within the 1st 5 years.

Don't listen to the previous post. This person obviously doesn't really understand how mortgages work, but has been sold a concept by a multi level marketing company. Here are just a few of my issues with this post:
"However, did you know that for the first year of your mortgage you're actually paying 500% interest to the bank?"
Really? 500%? So on a $200,000 mortgage I pay $1,000,000 in interest in the first year? Wow, that is insane. I don't know where you get your mortgages, but I don't want one like that.
"That is because all mortgages are front end loaded,"
Just not true. The interest you pay on a mortgage is based on the balance owed. If you owe $200,000 on your mortgage, and your interest rate is 5%, then you pay $10,000 in interest for the year. It doesn't matter if this is a new mortgage you just got for $200,000, or if it was originally a $1,000,000 mortgage that you've paid down to $200,000 over a number of years.
"Here in the States we can't pay everything from one account because banking laws prohibit itt"
Another ridiculous statement. I assume the poster is not talking about a checking account because that would be too obvious. You can pay all your bills from one checking account; I do. Of course, I believe he is referring to a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), which is what the Money Merge Account (MMA) he mentioned earlier really is. What this poster is trying to say is this: Instead of having a traditional mortgage, get a HELOC. When you get paid, pay your entire paycheck on the HELOC, which reduces your balance (and thus, your interest). Then pay your bills out of your Heloc (which once again will raise your balance, and your interest due.)
The interest savings is based on the time the balance was lower between the time you paid the HELOC with your paycheck, and the time you borrowed your money back from the HELOC to pay your bills. If the balance averaged $3000 lower for the month, and you have a 6% interest rate on your HELOC, then you saved $15 for the month. Not terrible, but not life changing.
Of course, when you factor in that most HELOCs have a higher interest rate than a traditional mortgage, and that the interest rate on a HELOC is adjustable (while we are still near 40 year lows in interest rates), and lastly the fact that many people will tend to overspend when they aren't limited to spending the balance in there checking account, the risks with this type of strategy far outweigh the $15 a month or so benefit.
The only way to pay off a mortgage early is to pay down the balance due more quickly. There is no way accomplish this in any way that is life changing other than paying extra on the principal. The only way you'll ever pay off a HELOC is by paying more on it every month than you take back out of it (including interest you have to pay). It's not the $15 a month in potential interest savings that pays off the loan, it's paying your entire paycheck on the HELOC, and then spending less than you made. You can accomplish the same thing (and in a better way, in my opinion) by paying extra on a traditional mortgage.

By paying about 50% extra per month. An example 250,000 mortgage at 5% for 30 years, the payment would be $1,342.05. Paying $650 extra per month reduces the number of monthly payments by 182, or 15.17 years, and reduces the interest and total paid by $128,589.18.

The $650 payment is about 50% of your actual payment and drops the number of payments in half.
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How much does the average person pay in fees when refinancing a mortgage?

Answer . \nthere is no data on the average person, so i will tell you what to look for at your appointment. They should present several plans to refinance your mortgage. If they are a good broker they will have a no-fees plan that comes with a slightly higher intrest rate. The important thing (MORE)

Can you drop a spouse from a mortgage without their signature by refinancing?

Answer . You can refinance without the spouse but you will need their consent to do so.. If the spouse is on the title of the home, the answer is "no". If the spouse is on the existing mortgage the answer is "no". If the spouse is not on title you need to indicate on the loan application that yo (MORE)

How can you pay off a 30-year mortgage in half the time without changing your monthly payment?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou can't if you go through a typical bank or mortgage company. However, you do have options. You can find a company that lets you pay less in interest and more in principle. I found a company that lets you pay your current monthly payment, but since you pay less in i (MORE)

How do you pay your mortgage off in two years?

Answer . \nMultiply the balance of your mortgage times your interest rate.\nAdd this number to your balance. \nDivide by 24.\nMake that payment each month.\n. \nThis will get you close. Your very last payment will be off slightly so before your last payment, get a payoff statement(not a balance (MORE)

How soon can a mortgage be refinanced?

You can refinance your mortgage anytime you want to. There is no minimum time before you can refinance. That being said, you do need to be aware of any "prepayment penalties" or clauses. Some loans ( especially sub prime ) will have a prepayment penalty. If you refinance your existing loan before (MORE)

Should I Pay off mortgage?

Depending on your age, Income, and Financial goals. A mortgage is probably the best "debt you can have" The freedom of not having to make a mortgage payment is also a nice thing for someones cash flow. The situation depends on your age and financial goals really. The 30 fixed mortgage was created fo (MORE)

Can you take your name off mortgage by refinancing?

Yes, but you must take your name off the title to the property at the same time by conveying your interest to the co-owner who will refinance in their sole name. All the owners of real property must sign the mortgage.

How do you pay off your mortgage faster?

You can pay off your mortgage faster by paying extra to the principal typically through making extra payments or paying extra each month. For example, a $200,000 mortgage at 5% for 30 years, paying $200 extra per month reduces the number of monthly payments by 104, or 8.67 years, and reduces the (MORE)

How can you pay off your mortgage fast?

By making extra payments, and if your loan currently has a very high interest rater, refinance it so the interest you are being charged is less. For example, if you have a 200,000 loan at 6.5% interest and 30 year term, paying $300 extra per month reduces the number of monthly payments by 141, or (MORE)

Can you transfer real estate by will without paying off mortgage?

Any other person who may inherit the property would inherit it subject to the mortgage. If the mortgage is not paid the bank can take possession of the property by foreclosure. The person who owned the property at the time of the mortgage signed their rights in the property over to the bank when (MORE)

Jackson just got a 30-year mortgage and plans to pay 200 toward the principal each month To pay the mortgage off 10 years early how much more money does he have to pay on the principal each month?

if the question is meaning that Jackson got a 72000 dollar mortgage and he wanted to pay it off in 20 years instead of 30 years you would say that hes going to pay 72000 dollars in 240 months therefore you would divide 72000 by 240 which equals 300 meaning that hes paying a extra 100 dollars a month (MORE)

Can you make your ex pay half of the mortgage?

You haven't provided enough detail. If they are on the loan documents with you, they are equally responsible for paying the mortgage. This situation should have been addressed in the divorce agreement. You should contact the attorney who represented you in the divorce who can review your situation a (MORE)

How do you pay off your mortgage early?

Homeowners trying to pay their loans early can send extra payments toward the principal. The best way is to set up a schedule to pay something extra toward the principal every month. The more you pay against the principal the more payback time will be eliminated and you will pay less back. You sh (MORE)

How do you pay yoru mortgage off in 7 years?

First, check to see if there will be a penalty for paying off the mortgage early. Then, visit your bank and ask them to figure out how much extra you would need to add to your payment each month in order to pay the debt in 7 years. Make certain you keep a good record of your payments attached to eac (MORE)

How much can a point and a half save on a 30 year mortgage?

That answer will change every day as the market fluctuates and differs from one rate to the next. For example, on one investor's ratesheet I reviewed today, the difference between 5.0 and 5.125 is only 0.25%, but the difference between 5.25% and 5.125% is 1.125%. So, like I said it really depends on (MORE)

How much will you pay for mortgage in 5 years time?

It depends on how much it costs for a month. If you have a fixed mortgage payment, the payment will be the same. An ARM type mortgage interest rate will change at the end of the number of years you signed up for with your loan. The current (as of 2010) 5 to 6% rates are historic low rates that ha (MORE)

How long do you have to pay off mortgages?

The length of the loan is arrived at during the application process. There is no universal answer to your question. You could have a ten year note, a fifteen tear note, a thirty year note, etc.

You are on the deed but not the mortgage. Can you pay the mortgage without being on the mortgage if you want to keep the house?

You can make mortgage payments if you're not on the mortgage. However, you would be a volunteer and paying the mortgage in and of itself wouldn't give you any interest in the property. You would be paying for someone else's property. However, if your name was added to the property after the mort (MORE)

What is a good reason for refinancing mortgage?

Mortgage refinancing can become a good option when you are facing foreclosure. Of course you have to make sure that you consult your realtor or lender first before doing any actions in relation to your mortgage refinancing plans.

Do you have to pay half the mortgage if you moved out of the house?

If you signed the mortgage you are fully responsible for paying it. If you don't keep up the payments the lender will foreclose and take possession of the property. If your name is on the mortgage your credit will be ruined and you may find that you owe the bank costs associated with the foreclosure (MORE)

How can you pay your 30-year mortgage off in 15 years?

very simple. you double your payment each month. so if your morgage was 500 a month you would pay 1000 a month. even if you dont choose that route you can atleast pay whatever amount more that you are able to because that as well will save you a tremendous amount of money over time. Actually, doub (MORE)

Can a home equity loan be refinanced without refinancing your main mortgage?

Yes, if the individual has an outstanding credit history AND the equity in the home is still high enough to support the second mortgage. There are certain interest rate environments that warrant refinances and the current environment, with rates as low as they have been in decades, represents one. (MORE)

How can I pay off mortgage fast?

You can pay off your mortgage fast by making large extra payments or paying a large extra amount with your mortgage payment. For example, a $150,000 mortgage at 5% for 30 years, paying $300 extra per month reduces the number of monthly payments by 159, or 13.25 years, and reduces the interest and (MORE)

Can a reverse mortgage be refinanced?

Yes, there is no prepayment penalty so it can be refinanced at any time. there are even reverse mortgage streamline programs available. The home can be sold at any time and the equity belongs to the home owner.

Can you refinance without a o-signer if he doesn't even pay for his half of the mortgage?

Yes, as long a you meet the lender's requirements for ability to repay on your own. However, if he is also on the title he must transfer his interest in the property to you. Yes, as long a you meet the lender's requirements for ability to repay on your own. However, if he is also on the title he mu (MORE)

How do you go about refinancing your home mortgage?

You should first select a mortgage broker. Someone who has been referred to you is ideal, because you know someone else had a good experience with the person. Then you need to understand all the different types of products available and carefully choose which one is right for your needs. There ar (MORE)

How can you pay your mortgage off early?

By reducing the interest you pay. The only way to do this safely is to pay extra toward your principle. There are many schemes being sold to pay your loan off early, but no one ever seems to know anyone who ever made them work. The most successful homeowners trying to pay their loans early either si (MORE)

Does your spouse have to pay half of the mortgage if he moved out?

If your husband simply moved out there is no way you can make him pay the mortgage without seeking a court order. Since you both signed the mortgage the lender will hold each of you responsible for paying the mortgage. It will not hold you responsible for only half. The simple fact is that if the mo (MORE)

How can a home mortgage be refinanced?

One may contact the bank for a refinancing. If the bank rejects the offer due to bad credit, then third-parties may be contacted, although they will offer higher rates.

What are the mortgage refinancing loans?

Mortgage refinancing loans are a way to save money usually by lowering your monthly payment or by lowering your interest rate. They also allow you to pay off your Mortgage if you're switching from a 30-year loan down to a 15-year loan.

What is the process of refinancing a loan mortgage?

The process of refinancing a loan is a long one it takes many different steps and offer differs from company to company. It should always start with the borrower completing a loan application, from there on it will be a complex process of signing documents and working out the loan terms.

Where can one have their mortgage refinanced?

A mortgage can be refinanced in the Bank branch where the mortgage was taken up. Another solution is through the internet and popular bank branches are able to notify you of the process through email.

What are the disadvantages of refinancing a second mortgage?

The disadvantages of refinancing a second mortgage may be that the original fees, such as appraisal fees, closing costs, attorney fees, recording fees and title insurance may have to be paid once again. It is worth remembering that the interest fees saved may far exceed the small cost of repaying re (MORE)

What are some of the benefits of refinancing a mortgage?

If ones mortgage rates happen to be lower then expected, the monthly payment will actually go down with refinancing a mortgage. If a homeowner is in the position to make a monthly payment that is higher than usual, the homeowner may want to think about switching from a 30-year mortgage to a 15 year (MORE)

How can one save by refinancing their mortgage?

It is best to refinance a mortgage, only if you will save at least 2% on the interest rate, or if you will significantly shorten the term of the loan. One can also save money if one converts from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate loan.

Does mortgage insurance pay off mortgage for inheritors?

Mostly, mortgage insurance plans are made to protect the home ofthe insured, if they fall ill, meet an accident or discontinuetheir job due to some reasons. Even if they pass away while themortgage insurance is active, the inheritors don't have to pay foranything and the insurance provider takes car (MORE)

How do you take a person off the mortgage without refinancing?

This is normally not possible. If two or more parties signed apromissory note and a mortgage they are signing a contract thatthey obliging themselves to make good on that contract. Like anyother contract, in order to get out of it, you have to convince theother party to release that obligation. This (MORE)