How can you predict which months will have a Friday the 13th?

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By looking at what day the month starts on, you can tell if it has a Friday the 13th or not. Months with one will always start on a Sunday.
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Can Friday the 13th fall in consecutive months?

It last happened in 1998. The only time this phenomenon can ever occur is in a February-March pairing in a non-leap year. Calendars repeat themselves in intervals of 6, 11, 12

How often does Friday the 13th happen back to back months?

February/March is the only time Friday the 13th will happen in back to back months given it is not a leap year since exactly 28 days is needed between the dates. The last time
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How many months had a Friday the 13th in 2012?

There were 3 in 2012: January, April, and July 2013 has 2: September and December 2014 has only 1: June 2015 has 3 again: February, March, and November