How can you prevent cyberbullying?

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You can prevent cyberbullying by telling a trusted adult, set up a spam folder in your email or space so that if you ever see a cyber bully, and you can send their message to your parents so they can block them from emailing your account again. you can prevent cyberbulling by not posting in appropriate things online or just not getting on the internet that much. Also you can prevent by not asking questions like "Are you cute." and stuff like that because beleive it or not everybody going to think your cute. Thats just a fact in life.
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What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying Cyber; to mean electronically, by way of virtual computer over the internet or airwaves. Cyberbullying is bullying by texting and emailing people to embarras

What is a cyberbully?

Cyberbullying involves recurring or repeated harm willfully inflicted through the medium of electronic text. In order for it to be cyber-bullying, the intent must be to cause

How you can prevent cyberbullying?

There are some campaigns regarding anti-cyber bullying. But, always remember that change always starts with you. If one wants to stop cyber bullying, therefore he or she must

How do they cyberbully?

Cyber bullying could be done in many ways. However tips on how to do so aren't going to be found here.

What can you do about cyberbullying?

First, Don't get involved in cyberbullying others. If you are being bullied, share it with your parents or friends or teachers If you are a parent, take steps to safeguard

How do you get cyberbullied?

Msn,facebook ,e-mail , cellphone/texting ,twitter ,my space, windows live messanger,bebo's and chat rooms are all ways to get cyberbullied

Who can help cyberbully?

the person that can help is your virgina you can have sex with the victim and they will feel happy again

What is WikiAnswers doing to prevent cyberbullying?

All Supervisors are always looking out for anyone cyberbullying, and when they see it the contributor is blocked. There are people working constantly reviewing and correcting

What is in place at WikiAnswers to prevent cyberbullying by supervisors?

It has been said that WikiAnswers Supervisors are not immune to any of the Community Guidelines, including action taken against cyberbullying. However, at the present time the

What can cyberbullying do to you?

It can result in many things; self harm, suicide, running away, and can cause people to lose focus. It's awful but if you stay confident and get a good education, then you can

Who does the cyberbullying?

Cyber bullying is done by people like you and me. They can be anyone. These kind of people generally have inferiority complex and find internet as a good way to prove themselv

How can someone help prevent cyberbullying?

As a parent/guardian, you can keep a check on your child's internet usage. Try to find out the reasons if they feel depressed. Make them understand that cyber world is not the