How can you program a sentry really big universal remote to your Direct TV HD receiver?

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What I did to program. Hit "tv" and then hold down "code search" until it turns the light on. Then hit the on/off button until it turns off the took at least 20 times for me. Then hold down the "tv" button until it starts blinking. Then hit "ok". Mine then worked! *NOTE* Sometimes it takes more or less than 20 times. i hit mine about 35 before it finally turned my tv off, but in another room it only took about 13 tries. so don't get discouraged and keep trying!
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Instructions to program the sentry really big remote?

The instructions that come with it are awful, and none of the codes worked. The only way I could get my the codes for my devices was to turn on only the selected device (TV, C

What is the Sentry really big universal remote code for Sony?

Here is a link to Sentry Industries website:. You can download the entire set of codes here.. or.... ht