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Very difficult to see your own hymen, because you have to look up into the vagina and use a light.
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Can a girl see her own hymen if she has one?

Answer A common misconception about the hymen is that it is inside the vagina. It is actually a mucous membrane that is part of the vulva, the external genital organs and you

Where is the hymen?

It's the membrane across the vagina in a virgin, usually ruptured when she first has sexual intercourse. It can be ruptured by other means of course. Suggest you consult a med

How can you break your hymen?

Anything entering your vaginal opening can break your hymen. Everyone is different. Some people's hymen can break by inserting very little things, even a Q-tip. Some people'

Do you have a hymen?

a hymen is a layer of skin over the clitoris. This can break in many ways, but will break if it has not already during sexual penetration. If your clitoris pokes out, it's bee

Why do girls have hymens?

Since most agree the that the hymen is not a very significant part of the female  anatomy  interns  of functionality we also know its not most easy to distinguish it s

What is the hymen for?

it has no purpose once you are born. It's a remnant from when the vaginal opening was completely covered to protect the reproductive parts when you were in the womb.

Can you see if your hymen is broken?

Firstly, your hymen cannot be 'broken' - it can wear away, stretch,  or if vaginal penetration is rough or forced it can tear the hymen.  Yes, you can see if it is in tact o

How you can reconstruct the hymen?

Its a surgical procedure, using tissue from another location, similar to a skin graft. But, why bother? Its like trying to unring a bell, and its just going to get torn up a

What is the function of a hymen?

It really has no function. Since it can rupture when you do ordinary everyday things and you spend the major part of your life without it, we know it's not for protection. If
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How can you check if your hymen is broken and does it mean it is if you see a black whole under there?

What i know from personel experience there are to possible ways if not more. Way #1 1st. pull the lips of your vagina slightly apart 2nd. find your urethra then your vaginal h