How can you tell a boy Pokemon from a girl Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

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A boy Pokemon will have a sign in its summary that looks like a blue circle with an arrow pointing away from it. A girl Pokemon's sign will look like a pink cirle with a cross under it.
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How do you know if a Pokemon is a girl or a boy?

up by the pokemons name there will be a symbol and if it is red (it wont have a color thought if it is a older game) and it is point down with two lines crossing it, it means (MORE)
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What is the boys name in Pokemon pearl?

The Boy main is Hareta. His TRUE story is he is able to speak to pokemon and grew up in the wild to one day become the worlds best friend of pokemon. He ends his time in the f (MORE)
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Is Pokemon shaymin girl or boy?

It is genderless in the Pkmn games because it is a legendary. But in Pkmn Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, the Shaymin that guides you thru the Sky Peak is more likely a girl (MORE)
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Is jirachi the Pokemon a girl or boy?

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On Pokemon pearl how do you get the girls papa?

Pretty vague question, but. I think i know what you're talking about. At valley windworks, you walk near a girl and she says her papa is taken. You have to walk over and bea (MORE)