How can you tell a boy Pokemon from a girl Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

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A boy Pokemon will have a sign in its summary that looks like a blue circle with an arrow pointing away from it. A girl Pokemon's sign will look like a pink cirle with a cross under it.
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How can you tell if your Pokemon in happy in Pokemon Pearl?

Either talk to Dr. footstep (in the house on the beach next to Pastoria City) or use the Poketch app Friendship Checker (talk to someone in Eterna City Pokemon center and they

What is the difference between the girl character on Pokemon Pearl and the boy?

one's a guy and one's a girl the girl wears a dress the guy wears pants and a shirt the girl when they go to lake verity there's a boy named lucas if you chose a girl for your

How do you get a girl starter Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Save the game before you get your starter and then if you keep getting a boy then just turn it off and do it again. There's a 50% chance that it will work. How do you kn

How can you tell a girl Pokemon from a boy Pokemon in diamond?

A male (also known as boy) will have a blue up arrow with a circle on the bottom of it next to its name, and a female (aslo known as girl) will have a cross with a circle on t
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How can you tell if Pokemon are boys or girls?

A Male Pokémon will have this symbol ♂ next to their name and a Female Pokémon will have this symbol ♀ next to their name. This will not be available for the 1

What is the boys name in Pokemon pearl?

The Boy main is Hareta. His TRUE story is he is able to speak to pokemon and grew up in the wild to one day become the worlds best friend of pokemon. He ends his time in the f