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how to tell: They may be smiling, be looking nervous, or even just being suspicious. Sometimes they will stutter their words or they may take awhile to answer a question because they have to make up a lie. But in truth you never really tell if they are lying. Be careful these characteristics are also those of a very shy person so don't accuse some one of lying.
Another sign of lying is the eyes. Although the idea that a liar cannot look someone in the eyes is an old wives tale, liars eyes tend to drift towards the lower left quadrant of view (from their perspective, your lower right). This indicates accessing the creative part of the brain, while high and slightly to the right tends to indicate accessing memories. Also, under stress, people's pupils will dilate to varying degree, depending on the person and amount of stress. Well first your friend wouldn't want to tell you if you if your boyfriend or someone was talking about you anyway they would look off or their voice would change or they would catch an attitude for no reason.
Answer How can you tell when a WOMAN is lying? No one can be completely sure if someone is lying to them. It takes time to figure out down the road if that person has lied about anything. We learn basically from experience, so, if you've had experience with men cheating then go with your gut feeling. However, if you have been with someone who cheated and you are worried it will happen again it's possible you are self-destroying yourself. We all have to take a chance on certain people in our lives. If we all look back on our lives we have all lied (some white lies) but nevertheless lies. People do it for different reasons: keeping secrets, not wanting to hurt the person or denial. At this point in your relationship there is really only one way you can perhaps find out and that is by taking a friend, get in a vehicle that he won't recognize and follow him one night when you think he is cheating on you. Before you accuse anyone of lying or cheating on you it's best to have proof. I caught my first husband cheating because I followed him with my sister-in-law and lo and behold both of our husbands were cheating on us! Answer It may be difficult if the person is an habitual liar, but there are giveaways you can watch for. They will not look directly at you. Their eyes will move rapidly from side to side, they will blush, their answer will be contrary to the last one. They may even try to be convincing that they are telling the truth, so overplay their answer. I suppose that the difficulty is in how well you know the person. Answer They can't look you in the eye, they fidget with their hands, and sometimes their breath quickens.
There are a few things to do when trying to figure out if someone is lying, i learnt by researching human lie detector. there are a few main things to watch out for, micro expressions, pupils diolating, where the eyes look when they answer the question and there body movement.
if you were to research these things, you would find out how to tell if someone is lieing....although i warn you, telling if someone is lying is not always a good thing, you can see stuff that you wouldn't normally and it can hurt sometimes.
sometimes they will shake their head side to side and not up and down. they will also have uncontrollable movements and look down and at their feet, but never in your eyes. ( unless their pro liar's, then you have a problem).
hope that helps
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