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How can you tell when a head of lettuce has reformed?

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It depends on the type of lettuce. If it is a cut and come again type they do not heart up and you only pick the leaves you need. If it is a butterhead type, when the head starts to fill out feel it gently, if it feels quite firm it is ready, leave it too long and it will shoot.
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How do you remove a core from a head of lettuce?

  Take the head in both hands, with the core facing down, and pound it down once or twise on the counter (not too hard). Then just turn it over, grab the core, and pull it

How do you prepare a head of lettuce for use?

There is an old food-preparer's trick for getting a head of lettuce ready for use, and right away. Food preparers have to move fast in big professional kitchens, and don't hav