How can you tell where a dollar bill was printed?

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It's very easy to determine where US bills were printed so long as they're Federal Reserve Notes, Silver or Gold Certificates, or US Notes.

All US bills (banknotes) are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing(*). Up till 1990 there was only one printing plant, located in Washington DC. Even though older Federal Reserve Notes (and current $1 and $2 bills) have a city name on them, that's simply the headquarters of the Federal Reserve District that distributed the bills - they were all printed by the BEP.

By the late 1980s the demand for bills had increased to the point that a second printing plant was needed. The Fort Worth facility released its first bills in 1990. They're identical to bills printed in Washington except for a tiny "FW" next to a plate position indicator, usually in one corner of the bill.

(*) Despite common belief, up to and including popular movies such as "Who's Minding the Mint?", the Mint does NOT print paper money. The US Mint only makes coins.
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When was the one dollar bill first printed?

The first federally issued $1 bills were printed in 1862. However before that many private banks printed $1 bills, and bills with that denomination were also printed by many j

How can you tell when a dollar bill was printed?

As you must know based on your question, bills' dates are "series" dates and don't correspond to the year they were printed, only the design and/or Treasurer and Secretary who

Were 1 dollar bills printed in 1962?

Your question has two answers: Yes, the U.S. government printed $1 bills in 1962 No, they weren't dated 1962 - they were 1957B U.S. bills carry a "series year" that on

Where are US dollar bills printed?

All U.S. currency is printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in either Washington, DC or Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth bills have a small FW on them

Who is on the first printed two dollar bill?

The very first federally-issued $2 bills were printed in 1862 and had a picture of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton's picture was replaced by Thomas Jefferson's in 1869.

When did they print the two dollar bill?

Federally-issued $2 bills were first printed in 1862. They've been printed regularly ever since, although in much lower quantities than other denominations. The most recent

Does the US print 1000 dollar bills?

No, The highest denomination currently printed is the $100 bill. Denominations higher than $100 were last printed in 1945, but all were dated 1934. High-value bills are te

Why are there states printed on the five dollar bill?

The back of a $5 bill has a picture of the Lincoln Memorial which has the names of all 48 states that existed at the time it was built, so of course the image on the $5 bill w

How do you tell if you have a dollar bill printed in San Francisco?

You don't have one. US dollar bills are printed only in Washington DC and (since late 1990) in Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth bills have a little "FW" next to the plate numb

Why was the two dollar bill printed in 2008?

The simple reason is that more were needed to meet demand. Each Federal Reserve district keeps tabs on the supply of all denominations of currency and orders more when needed.

When did the US print 2 dollar bills?

The US has printed $2 bills more or less regularly since 1862. The most common series dates during the 20th and 21st centuries are1928, 1953, 1963, 1976, 1995, 2003, 2009, an
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Why are there no dollar bills printed after 2009?

There are. Billions of bills have been printed since 2009 but theyall carry that same date. Remember, the date on US bills is a "series" date, not the date itwas printed. A n
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How do you tell where a 2 dollar bill was printed?

If the bill is dated before 1990, it was printed in Washington DC.For later bills, look to the right of the Treasury Seal. In verysmall print, there will be a letter and numbe
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How can you tell what year a US 5 dollar bill was printed?

The exact date a US bill was printed can only be determined by comparing a bill's serial number with those on the list at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. However, the ra