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How can you treat arthritis pain?

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Arthritis is not curable at this stage. However, there are things that can help such as dietary changes. You might also want to try some herbal remedies or homeopathic remedies for natural pain relief. The major considerations are diet and lifestyle

non phamcological treatment is:

  1. dietary changes
  2. rest
  3. exercise
  4. heat and cold
  5. splits
  6. homeopathic remedies
  7. herbal remedies

pharmacological treatment is:

  1. non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
  2. low dose corticosteroids
  3. disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs
  4. immune suppression

There is no quick and simple way to treat arthritis using alternative methods, because it's a complicated problem. To simplify it, there are two things that need to be done.

1) Measures to reduce pain and inflammation. This is probably what you'll read the most about if you do searches online for alternative treatments. This is going to involve anti-inflammatory suppleents like fish oil, curcumin, and quercitin to name some very common one. There are many anti-inflammatory supplements, just listing them all would take some work. These by themself are not the cure for arthritis, but it makes sense to include them.

Also, if you can take a natural anti-inflammatory instead of aspirin or a NSAID, then stay away from the drugs.

2) In addition to just taking an anti-inflammatory you want to to do some work investigating the cause of arthritis.

Unfortunately this takes some work.

Major considerations are diet and lifestyle. Toxicty (some people have huge improvements after going through detoxification programs), and any kind of stress on the body. Also gastro-intestinal issues are a big link. What happens is people have something called "leaky gut" where large food particles and microbes that are not supposed to pass through the gut lining do. This causes inflammation through the entire body, and effects some people in the joints. So often people with arthritis need to start taking supplements and working to improve health in other areas and not just do things for the joint.

The joints in where you feel the symptom of a problem, but the cause runs much deeper.

A highly recommend book is "Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Arthritis," which can be bought pretty cheaply off Amazon, or BarnesandNoble.

Alternatively try to borrow it from your local library. If they do not have it they may get it in for you.
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