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How cani upload pictures from your ipod touch to facebook?

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Download the Facebook app, login, and click "Photo".
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How do you upload apps to an iPod touch?

once on to itunes you buy the app then it will turn up in you libray under apps then connect your ipod touch and drag the app to your little icon of your ipod

How do upload pictures in Facebook?

1. go to your profile 2. go to the photos tab 3. click create photo album in the left hand corner 4. fill out the info 5. then below the button cancel click try the simple upl

How do you upload a profile picture on facebook?

You have to go on your account and then go to your profile. To get to your profile, click the profile tab or your name at the top. Then, once you get to your profile; look at

How do you upload pictures from mobile to facebook?

just open facebook mobile app and click to the camera button onleft side next to dp . just go their after this you have to options . 1. take a photo . 2. upload a photo .