How close is Irish Gaelic to Scottish Gaelic?

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Both Scottish Gaelic and Manx Gaelic had their origins in Irish Gaelic.
Irish Gaelic speakers settled in what is now Argyll at some point in the period 300-600 AD. As a Scottish Gaelic learner, I can read Irish quite easily but I believe the pronunciation is further removed from the Irish. I do not know about Manx. So in summary, the written language is really quite similar but I believe the spoken language is less mutually intelligible among speakers.
They are classed as separarate languages but some Ulster Irish dialects have some features resembling Scots Gaelic. Chan fhuil instead of the standard Irish Níl for example.
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Which is easier - Scottish Gaelic or Irish?

I'd say they are about the same overall, some aspects of Scottish Gaelic are easier, but the phonology takes some practice. Irish is closer to the spelling but is more conserv

Are Irish and Scottish Gaelic the same language?

No. They are classed as separate languages. They are both derived from Insular Celtic but diverged from each other thousands of years ago. Irish Gaelic is called 'Irish' in
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What is honey in Gaelic - Scottish or Irish?

In Irish honey from bees is 'mil'. As an endearment stóirín. In Scottish Gaelic: mil the endearment is milseag
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Laugh in Irish or Scottish Gaelic?

'A laugh' and 'laughter' in Irish (Gaelic) is gáire; 'to laugh' isdéan gáire. In (Scottish) Gaelic the words are spelled the same with graveaccents.