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How cold is the dark side of the moon?

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The temperature of the Moon's dark side is -173.3 degrees C. (-280 degrees Fahrenheit).
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Is there a dark side of the Moon?

Yes. At any moment, 1 / 2 of the moon's surface is illuminated by the sun, and the other 1 / 2 is in darkness ... exactly as happens on Earth, and any other spherical

How dark is the dark side of the moon?

There is no "dark side of the moon". Every point on the moon is illuminated for roughly 50% of the time, just like every point on earth. However, we can only see about 55%

Is the dark part of the moon cold?

Yes. The estimated temperatures on the moon's surface are: where the sun shines: 225 F (107 C) where the sun doesn't shine: negative 243 F (-153 C) Remember ... there'

Is the dark side of the Moon cold?

Nope apparently when the sun doesnt shine on the dark side of the moon in space where its freezing its boilding hot 2nd Answer: Well, the dark side of the Moon is where it is

Why is the Moon is hot on the side facing the Sun and cold on the dark side?

The sunlit side of the Moon (and other objects in space) receive a lot of energy from the Sun (light is only part of that energy) This energy heats the illuminated part of the