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Google has more search results if you are searching for something very complex or not very well known, otherwise Wikipedia is better. Wikipedia has better more accurate facts and more appropriate photos than google.

Google is better than wikipedia because wikipedia is pretty much a wanabe Google and Google has more information and it has gmail and images it has more features.

It is not necessarily better. Wikipedia is a repository of facts which are kept on its own computers. Google is a search engine which looks for information on many websites and does not store facts itself

Google simply points to websites that seem like they may have the information you're looking for. It could be junk or written by a six year old. Wikipedia's information is much better controlled and much more likely to be correct than the random, unmoderated stuff Google takes you to.
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Is Peter Answers better than Google?

Located at , peter answers is a prank website that you type in the answer and the question. It isn't a search engine, just a website used to freak out your friends.

Is there a better search site than Google?

No. Google is so recognised around the world that it is seriously hard to compeat with. I mean look at all the movies that have mentioned it. Also, you can find so much more, and to much better quality on Google than on any other search engine. Honestly why even try compare it to anything? Google is awesome! =)

Which homepage is better than Google?

This really depends on your opinion and what you picture as a better homepage. A good choice that more and more people are starting to use is Dogpile. Another new site that was said to rival google but hasn't lived up to it's expectations is Cuil. Just add ".com" after those names to see the home page. Google used to be my homepage for a long time but now I found this site ( . msn and yahoo are good but they are too crowded for me. Most of the time I do a search on the internet. iGoogle is also nice if you know how to customize it. (I've also posted the link separately): Alternatively, if you enjoy the Google interface, as it is no doubt a brilliant search engine, there is a similar site that pretty much uses the exact same code as Google but at the same time saves energy and even decreases carbon emissions by using renewable energy. (

Is Google better than WikiAnswers?

The two aren't really comparable. Google is simply a powerful search engine. It can guide you to any Web page on the Internet that has the information you're seeking. WikiAnswers, on the other hand, is a wiki Q&A site. Its content is supported by a volunteer community who are constantly asking and answering questions. Through a collaborative and iterative process, questions get the best answers, created by the community. Sure, someone can come along and leave a terrible answer. But as the community finds bad answers, they will improve them. As our Vandal Patrol and Supervisors team finds offensive content, it will be removed. In the end, you have the best that the community can offer. Google is not a wiki site. So neither is really "better." It just depends on what you're looking for. More opinions from surfers: . No, Google is not better than WikiAnswers. They each have their own merits. . Google gives you a list of websites. WikiAnswers gives you answers to your questions, without potentially endless fruitless searching. Apples and oranges. Google is a search engine. WikiAnswers is a question and answer site. At Google, you enter data you want the service to look for on the internet. On WikiAnswers you enter a specific question and people from around the world provide you an answer.

Is Yahoo better than Google?

google gives you more information than Yahoo. It gives you better pictures. It has better tools than Yahoo. Its a faster more readable website than yahoo. Actually, they are about the same. They both have the same applications and are both dependable search engines.

Is Google better than other search engines?

Please view this question on answers dot com [Duplicate]:"How_is_the_Bing_search_engine_better_or_worse_than_Google?" Or simply try both search engines with three queries: a) a keywordsearch (orange?) b) a question about our solar system . c) a smallsentence (ex: I want to watch a movie). And see the results on both search engines... That might be a moreupdated and accurate comparison since there are updates.

Are there any sites better than Wikipedia?

sorry but I checked the net and googled it, searching for one but couldn't find one took me a hour to finish doing that. It's just wikipedia mate. Well there's! There's also Citizendium and dKosopedia. There's none other better than Wikipedia, though am afraid mate.

Why is it better to use WikiAnswers than to Google all these questions?

As clever as Google is, there are many questions that it simply cannot answer. Based on computer algorithms, Google finds a list of websites that may or may not have the information you are seeking. WikiAnswers, on the other hand, is a social knowledge website featuring answers written by actual humans tailored to each unique question. Some people prefer the personal touch, and experience of those who know a little more about certain subjects. As an example, I know quite a bit about science and Christianity. However, I know next to nothing about sport and pop music. If I need to ask a question about the latter I would much prefer a straight and factual answer from someone who knew about these subjects than have to research for hours through Google only to be swamped by irrelevant websites that are of no use. . Google is a search engine that is designed to retrieve general information. This often results in a vast array of listings that can lead a person virtually anywhere in cyberspace. WikiAnswers is a Q&A site specifically designed for you, the reader. You may ask anything you like. If you are uncertain about the nature of your question or how to properly word it, you can click on a category, then click on the name of the respective supervisor overseeing that category where you can get a one-on-one consultation so that your inquiry can be directed properly to get the best results

Is Google Chrome better than Internet Explorer in your opinion?

Opinions from contributors "Better" is a relative term; some may prefer one browser while others prefer another. However, to help you decide, here are some differences between the two. Google Chrome is supposed to be based on the same rendering engine as Apple's Safari web browser, which many people do indeed say runs better/faster than Internet Explorer. It also performs better on the Acid3 rendering test than Internet Explorer. In terms of features, Google Chrome has tools to work with web applications in their own windows and even putting shortcuts to those web apps on the computer. Internet Explorer is a more traditional browser which includes a search bar in the toolbar and more program options. In Google Chrome, there is one big box for both web addresses and Google search, as opposed to IE 8 which has two separate boxes for the same purpose. There is also more room to view the page in Google Chrome, as the File, Edit, etc. toolbar has been replaced with just two options: "Page" and "Wrench" menus with all the same commands. The tabs are displayed in the very very top of the screen where normally the title goes, and the status bar on the bottom is smallest and pops up only when needed so as to maximize space. In IE, it is fixed there. One of the most interesting and unique aspects of the Google Chrome browser is how it works behind the scenes. It uses multiple processes, similar to an operating system, so if a java web app would slow down the browser or something would cause a crash, only a single tab is effected and everything else keeps working. Another thing is that it uses a new "V8" tool for working with Java to increase performance. Internet Explorer is part of Windows and may launch faster, but performance is not much difference between the two, aside from the fact that having Java run quickly is an important aspect of Chrome. In terms of the interface, Chrome is highly simplistic yet draws elements of its GUI from both Internet Explorer and Firefox. In conclusion, the browsers are different and it's hard to say if one is better than the other. Depending on your personal preferences, you may see it either way. . In comparison, Internet Explorer has been proven much less powerful and is less supportive of such things as CSS3 3D Rendering. While Chrome and Firefox keep up with it. I feel like, personally, Chrome has a more simplicitic design and it less box-like as Firefox. Though both runs exceptionally fast, Chrome usually runs slightly faster. However, in Firefox, you're given more options in extensions that are more "tech" oriented. But, as a tech, I've rarely needed the things in Firefox that Chrome doesn't have. If you're an average user, hell, even a tech, Chrome is generally a better browser in terms of looks and speed, along with how it handles it extensions. Just try Google Chrome out and compare it to other browsers to see which you like and which is fastest for you. . In the answer above, you see that it could be just as valid to say that IE is better or that Chrome is better. However, in my opinion, and in the opinion of most "techies," Firefox is the best browser choice, Internet Explorer is one of the worst, and Chrome is somewhere in between. . Although it may be said that Google Chrome does have simpler features and a "different" approach to browsing, from experience it seems to run much quicker. It can be said that features of security for Google Chrome is much better, and it is more reliable. Firefox is moderate and Internet Explorer is just simply trash. . When I tried the beta version of Chrome, it had a bug where the searchbar would freeze and it wouldn't let me type. They may have fixed that now though. Personally I disagree with the "techie" opinion because with my old computer (which was ancient) Firefox was actually slower than IE, although I did like the web developing tools. Safari in my opinion was absolute crap; it made Firefox seem heavenly on that old junker. Maybe with a brand new top-of-the-line machine it works faster, but it will drain your RAM. Overall, IE is the most stable web browser, but Chrome was much faster when it was actually working... But if they have a new version of Chrome it may be better than IE.

Do you think WikiAnswers is better than Wikipedia?

Users share their opinions: . It depends on what you wants to know. Wikipedia is like an encyclopedia, and gives detailed articles on the given topic. WikiAnswers, on the other hand, gives specific answers to specific questions. They are both good for their intended purpose. . No. WikiAnswers suffers from a small number of active participants and the resulting lack of peer review. Additionally, the questions are often asked in a context-free way, which makes providing an appropriate level of answer difficult. . I'm not sure. Some things you can find on Wikipedia and other things you can't find on WikiAnswers. But you can also find things on WikiAnswers that aren't on Wikipedia! Very confusing, really.

Is askcom better than Google?

no, because 'ask' the name kind of doesn't fit in and google has more websites to choose from and ask is powered by google

Is Google Chrome Better than IE?

\nYes. Google Chrome is twice as fast as IE and not to mention, it just looks much better. Google Chrome is even being considered to be as good if not better than Mozilla, and since Mozilla is a better web browser than IE, i would say that answers your question. Now, since Google Chrome is so new, its not really considered a legit browser like IE and Mozilla, such as if you have Google Chrome, and you have a account,it will say that it wont work as good as it could without either Mozilla, IE, or Safari. Its only a matter of time.

Why is Google better than

Google has been around longer, so has a larger database of links. It is also more well-maintained and established than Ask.

Is WikiAnswers better than Google?

No, yet Wiki Answers is still very well to use but Google has much more available features. Google has the information in the world unlike wikianswers

Is Google much better than this website?

Yes, but you can't ask a question directly on Google. It is a search engine. Google's question-and-answer site is long gone.

Which site is better than Google?

Google is really on the frontier of the internet and it is very unlikely for any web paradigm to beat that, however, STAFFOLOGICAL.COM, which is powered by Google Docs system, is also as advanced for the next generation of the internet.

What is better than Google?

Well to me i always use Google because it is a trusted website. there are other search engine like yahoo and bing. hope that helps

What is a better question and answer site than Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a completely separate company and website-- it is not or Further, Wikipedia is not a question-answer website. Wikipedia uses an encyclopedia format.

Is the iPhone better than the Google android?

Hard to say ... you know, Apple iPhone, that's a a lot of restrictions from apple ... Android is opensource - no restrictions .... iPhone is heavily restricted, Android isn't. There's only 4 iPhones, Android has hundreds. iPhone isn't very customizable, Android is. iPhone can't install Custom ROM's (These change the whole look of the phone OS) iPhone can't. ;)

Does have the potential to be better than Wikipedia? is already better than Wikipedia. Part of the reason is because Wikipedia is part of's reference sources. In addition, carries reliable sources. The verdict is still out on the reliability of Wikipedia. At, there are over 180 encyclopedias and dictionaries where you can get your information from. Wikipedia is only one source.

Why is Google better than

google is better than because google can answer more to your question. with, you can never be exact and most of the time you dont get what you are looking for. when using google, you can find the exact answer, by just going to another link. hope i was some help!

Is wikipedia better than this site?

Wikipedia is DIFFERENT from this site, so 'better than' really has no meaning. It's like asking 'Is a laptop better than protein?' The answer will depend on your need. WikiAnswers is a wiki by definition, and this means that virtually anyone can submit questions, answers, or full edits to answers. Review of materials is broad, and is not as exacting as Wikipedia. Membership requirements and contribution requirements here at WikiAnswers are also quite different, and they do not presume anything about the level of expertise, education or experience of anyone desiring to make contributions. Wikipedia is a wiki also, but in a more formal sense. There is continuous review of material, and articles are not as easy to contribute. Wikipedia is designed to be a reference source and so it can be considered somewhat more authoritative than Q&A wikis like this one. Deliberately falsifying information, or submitting too few or fake citation materials will cause you trouble. Even so, Wikipedia shouldn't be considered absolutely authoritative and beyond error. Not even the very best sources are completely free from error. If you are looking for quick feedback or have an unusual question that is not readily found in Wikipedia, WikiAnswers can be a fun site to explore, and perhaps get some unconventional approaches to questions at the same time. as distinct from WikiAnswers is similar to Wikipedia, and materials found there are reviewed and can be considered probably as authoritative as Wikipedia. Materials there are not subject to instant edit by anyone, but are reviewed and maintained in order to preserve accuracy. Part of the fun of sites like WikiAnswers is making contributions, and not just finding reasons that other sites are better . So, get busy asking and answering questions. You might be surprised how much you learn by trying to carefully answer someone else's questions. It isn't nearly as easy as you might think! See link for some information on education and technology.

Is Google better than

yes google is actually better than because it is a search engine therefore it leads many people to everyday therefore if it were not for google would probably not have been as popular as is now google is way better than because google gives u more answers than 1 word er somthin like i asked how the rocky mountains were formed and it said yo mama farted what kinda answer is that its not that not crap

Do you think Bing is better than Google?

Answer: Yes it is because bing doesn't have as many links! Answer: Yes because: - Bing gives me more options to choose from when I search for a product, Google doesn't even bother. - Bing's Related Search gives you more insight about your original search, its very friendly. - Bing has a cool advanced search menu, don't even think of using the Google Advanced search - Many a times, Bing is more intelligent than Google if not powerful. - Bing saves me a lot of time and energy. Google is sluggish.

Is Google better than Bing?

Google has a vastly larger following, Bing is tiny in comparison.People tend to prefer Google, so I would say Google is better thanBing. Google is a great search engine as it searches for anythingit can possibly can.

Why is Google better than

Google is a search engine, Here you get each and every information from there. and answer beg is a question answer site like social networking where people can share and ask to each other. That's why Google is batter then Well, Google is HUGE! Almost everyone uses it. It has a clean interface, because the moment I see the other engines it does not look appealing, but Google does. Images, videos and more are linked to google so it is way more easier than other search engines!

Why is Google better than Bing?

Google™ and Bing™ both have upsides and downsides. Google, is optimized for everyday regular searches that people do each day. It's algorithm is built and modify to associate keywords into contexts in a way similar to that of the human brain. Bing, on the other side, has optimized it's searching algorithm for searches about plane schedules, hotel rental, health searches, mainly non-standard searches that Google either does not see as important enough or simply doesn't want to implement. I don't want to read that whole thing.

What makes Google better than you?

Well let's see, why isn't google better than you? Google isn't the one sitting at home, surfing the computer for reasoning behind why a computer website is more popular than you. Google is a massive empire that asks you how your feeling just when you log on. Isn't that nice? Googles always looking out for strangers and drawing attention for new visitors with catchy slogans and logos. Google is so great that it's declared as a world wide phenomenon. Aren't you jealous?

Is there a search engine that is better than Google?

I found a good search engine called Surf Canyon. Here's the link: thanks my bro told me bout that

What is better Google or Wikipedia?

The answer is neither. Google is a search engine. It is used to provide links that match your query. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It is used to provide detailed answers to a specific query. So, if i wanted to find out where to buy fruit juice in Burbank, I would type into Google "where can i buy fruit juice in Burbank". If i wanted to find out what fruit juice IS, i would type into Wikipedia "fruit juice"

Is Google Chrome better than Google?

Google Chrome is a web browser from Google, and Google is a company. They are not comparable - like Factory and Coal, for example.

Is Google Buzz better than Twitter?

They are very different websites Google Buzz is just for you and your friends, whereas twitter is for the world to see and you can follow famous people easily, but google buzz works much better with just your friends. Google buzz is also much safer.

Why do people choose to go on Wikipedia rather than just look it up on Google?

People may need an immediate answer, or they may not always know how to search, also sometimes it is just better to ask someone who has firsthand knowledge of a certain question.

Is WikiAnswers better than Wikipedia and Google?

Comparing WikiAnswers, Wikipedia, and Google is difficult. They are totally different, and exist for different purposes. . WikiAnswers: A community-based question and answer site . Wikipedia: A community-based encyclopedia . Google: A search engine For which one is better, it really depends on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to find information on a general topic, Google is the best. If you are trying to gain background information on a specific topic, Wikipedia is the best. If you are finding an answer to a specific question, WikiAnswers is the best option.

Is Facebook better than Wikipedia and why?

Facebook is a social interaction website. Wikipedia is a knowledge resource. The two serve completely different purposes and are entirely incomparable.

Is Google Chrome better than Internet Explorer?

yes google chrome is better than internet explorer. in my oppinion google chrome is the best internet browser. i use both google chrome and internet explorer and i have noticed that there are many times when internet explorer does not respond and that sucks because when it does not respond, you cannot close it or click on any link. in my oppinion Internet explorer is more virus prone than any other browser. google chrome always responds and is faster and lesser virus prone than internet explorer.

What is a better translator than Google Translate?

There are many web based translation sites. Some are keyed more to idiomatic translations, others are more literal. None are really reliable to give a decent translation of any complex foreign syntax. I find that if you want a reasonable translation, you really need to use two or more services and compare the results. (But then I very rarely use them at all).

Is Google better than opera?

we can't compare the Opera and Google, it depends on what feature you want. if you compare in user friendly property then Google is better than opera. But when you talking about features and look & view then Opera is better.

Is Google use better than Google uk?

According to Russia's Yandex, the UK is better than Google U.S. Google is great, but the UK is better according to Chief Technology Officer Ilya Segalovich.

Is G Talk by Google a better service than Skype?

GTalk is Free, Skype is free ONLY if it is Skype-to-Skype. Both GTalk and Skype do charge for some international calls, and those prices are about the same.

Is a Google email account better than Outlook?

Outlook is a bit of an older email, while google is a newer up to date news feed type of email. Outlook, while sleek in design is harder to navigate that google. Finally, google can be connected to more email and non-email accounts than outlook. While the advantages of both weigh upon another, the conclusion is Google email is better.

Why doesnt Google buy Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a registered US-charity so cannot be "bought" as such from a company like Google and even if they were able there is no reason why wikipedia would sell, the owners are pretty happy the way it is with it being no-advertising and non-profit

Is Google Print better than Microsoft Printing?

'Better' is a really subjective thing and one person's opinion will be different from another's. In this case, many people feel that one is not better than the other because they both get the job done. In short, they're equally good.

Why are Wikipedia and Google black today?

It's for Anti SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Many companies such as: Google; Twitter; Facebook; Wikipedia etc, are against it, they believe that the internet will no longer be 'free'. Google said- "Stop Piracy, Not Liberty".

Is Google Plus better than Facebook?

One thing about Google+ is that it was not made to compete directly with Facebook. Some people prefer Google+, and others like Facebook better. The only way to tell is to try it for yourself. Below are some opinions from WikiAnswers contributors: . Personally, I prefer G+ over Facebook because it encourages interaction between strangers. You can keep posts within your circles only, but public posts are more lively, and (most of) the people are very friendly. It is also easier to video chat with friends using hangouts. Note: This is a subjective question. Please read the discussion on how to answer this question.

Why is Google so much better than anwerscom?

I don't know that Google is better than These two websites serve separate purposes in the bigger pictures. Besides - that is comparing 'apples to oranges'. Answers is a site which Google serves to the Internet.

Why is Google better than wiki ask?

As per my view both are different things. Wiki ask is only for question and answer but Google is a search engine where you find many information including question and answer.

Is better than wikipedia or not?

they are both the same but wikipedia has more facts but has more question

Is better than Google search?

Answers is only one site-a search will show all results for infoincluding answers it depends on how much info you need

Is better than Google?

Both Google and Answers serve different purposes. Google is madefor searches. You can search short term and find websites tofurther research the topic. Answers is better for more detailed orpersonalized questions.