How come it takes longer for something that has been in the freezer to melt?

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The freezer is kept colder than the fridge. Mine says recommended temp for freezer is 0°F and 37°F for fridge.
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Why would snow melt in your freezer?

Answer . It shouldn't! Your freezer is too warm! It should be set below 0 °C (32 °F) and therefore snow should not melt inside of it.

Why does boiling water take longer than melting ice?

The reason that melting ice usually happens faster than boiling water is because water is one of the few things that stays hard even though it is really close to its melting p

Will carbonated drinks take longer to melt than water?

No. Carbonated will melt in a shorter time than water. Carbonated drinks have dissolved carbonic acid in them, which will lower the freezing point. (This is similar to how a
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Why do sand take longer to melt ice then salt?

The reason why it takes sand to melt ice longer than salt does, is because salt draws or absorbs the moisture in the ice faster than sand that just has a rough texture. Yes, t
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Where to dispose of a freezer that no longer works?

Cal;l your trash co. They will take large items for you for free once or twice a year or you can check a local appliance recycler, some might take them away for free.
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What one takes longer melting or evaporation?

The speed of both melting and evaporation depends upon the substance in question (you are probably thinking about water) and the temperature at which these phase changes are t
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Why do ice cubes melt when they are not in the freezer?

When ice is left outside the freezer, it absorbs the heat out of the air. As long as the air, surface, or liquid in question is warmer than the ice, the ice will eventually me