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How come when you step out of the shower you feel cold but as soon as you dry you feel warmer even though the temperature is the same?

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Because when your skin is wet the evaporation of the moisture takes heat away from your skin and makes it feel cold. When you are dry you do not have this evaporation happening so you feel warmer in comparison. Your body produces sweat for this very same reason to help you cool off on a hot day.
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Why do some things feel cold and some not even though they are at the same temperature?

  If you place a piece if Iron and a piece of polystyrene foam in a fridge for 2 hours, then they will both be at the same temperature. If you take the Iron out and hold

Why do metals feel cold to the touch even at room temperature?

They are cooler than your sin. You run at a toasty 37 degrees celcius. The metal will be a little bit cooler than that anyway, but that does not account for it being so cold.

Why does a carpeted floor feel warmer to bare feet than tile or wood even though all surfaces are the same temperature?

Largely because the skin of the feet is in contact with the floor  over practically all of their plantar (their sole) surfaces  whereas, on carpet, far less foot sole surfac

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Why does the tiled floor feel colder than a rug even though they are at the same temperature?

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Your breath should be warmer than room temperature unless you are a zombie! I am guessing you are asking why does blowing on your wet finger feel colder even though your breat