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How dangerous is it to eat molded bread?

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Food poisoning is caused by various organisms. Mold can cause illness, especially if the person is allergic to molds. Usually though, the main symptoms from eating moldy food will be nausea or vomiting from the bad taste and smell of the moldy food.
Mold on grain products is the worst - e.g. moldy bread, moldy muffins, etc. - and should be thrown out.
Also throw out the following if mold appears: small fruits like grapes, berries, melons and peaches; soft cheeses or yogurt; meat, peanuts, peanut butter or leftovers.
It isn't okay to eat mouldy food even after the mold has been cut off, as surface mold is more than what you see. It actually has hyphae or roots which can penetrate deeper into the food.

It depends on the bread mold; some are harmless, some are indigestible and can make you throw up, some are poisonous and can make you very ill (Although there is no scientific evidence that any bread mold has ever killed anyone directly, in the history of all space and time -including other planets..)
The best way to manage bread is to keep at room temperature only the amount of bread you can eat before mold appears. You can freeze the remainder and thaw it in a closed plastic bag. Bread products should not be merely refrigerated, because it will cause them to go stale.
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Is rye bread mold dangerous to eat?

Yes. It can hold a number of bacteria including ergo fungus, which  when eaten can cause convulsions, gangrene or even death!

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What to do if eat molded bread?

Moldy bread won't have any serious effect on a person with a normal immune system. If you are immuno-compromised, such as might result from HIV, you might be at slight risk fo

What will happen if you eat molded bread?

do not eat it, you will get a stomach ache or very ill, all bread mould is poisonous and should not be eaten, do not simply cut off where the mould is, because the same microo

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Few mold is poisonous, though wash your mouth a couple times, if you are allergic to penicillin then, you will die through a type of shock, If not then okay. Also, call 911 or