How dangerous is it to rig a main electrical breaker?

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Have the utiliy company diconnect the power.
Good advice except they will probably cut your drops, and you will be without power for an extended period, especially if they are busy. Call a qualified electrician, they will most likely be able to give you some options, and prices over the phone at no cost. To be direct ELECTRICITY IS VERY DANGEROUS, and is best left to the trained and qualified who are familiar with the hazards it presents.
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How dangerous is it to work on a oil rig?

We work as a team. Every one has a job and we relies on the other person to do what is right. We hold safety meetings. We all have a Safe Work Practice Program in place. We al

Why is mains electricity dangerous?

because your body is controlled by electric impulses that are far weaker. Mains power can knock your bodys signals out, causing your heart to stop pumping.

Why does the Main breaker kick off in your electrical box?

\nThe main breaker kicks off in your electrical box because you are using more electricity than it can handle. If it is set for 100 watts and you are trying to use 125 watts,

Are oil rigs dangerous?

Yes, but the hazards are well controlled. Although it is a hazardous environment, discipline is strict and oil rig workers are highly trained and educated in safety. Safety re

What size wire is needed to wire a 200amp breaker from the main electrical supply?

The wire size of three ought (000) copper with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 210 amps. Before you do any work yourself, on electrical circuits, equipment

How do you rig your electric meter?

Go to the local police station and tell them "I plan to rig my electric meter." They'll throw you in jail for your own good before you manage to fry yourself.

Are federal pacific electrical circuit breaker panels dangerous and should be replaced?

About 20 years or so back, Federal Pacific lost their rating and certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The design and operation of the breakers no longer met the cr
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Rig welding can be fairly dangerous given the conditions of the job. Welders must have good dexterity to avoid burns and injury, and also to do a good job. Due to modern techn

Why is there a noise coming from the electrical box after turning off the main breaker?

There should be no noise caused by loose electrical connections if the main breaker is off. The only places that are energized at that point are the main lugs. There is nothin

Do main outside electrical breaker boxes need grout?

Outside breaker distribution panels must be rated for outdoor use and are already weather proof. If this is not the case then a protective covering must be made around the pan